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Another random rant!

Trainspud October 17, 2012 User blog:Trainspud

Ok... Next year there's music festival called future music, i thought maybe Vocaloid would play, i looked at the website and what's playing? well all of these bands and Psy are playing. So i'm raging going none of those are future like music, Vocaloid is going to be the future of the music world etc...

School started again for me last week and my geography teacher thinks everyone in my class doesn't know anything (expect for a few people) she said this to me "A size 12 earthquake is bad and we don't want that" well no duh! Last year i got all A's in geography and History. What does she have to say to that?

In my science class this girl in there was like "what's a consonat" I was like are you serious? and she also asked in different class "what's a continent"? Like seriously. It's like asking someone who wears glasses (I do.) do they have a problem seeing. So many people make me faceplam it's not funny.

Well that ends this 2nd rant.

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