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Trainspud September 9, 2012 User blog:Trainspud

Here are my favourite songs from each vocaloid i like and bands i like and anime theme songs. In order by vocaloid and in order with the bands and anime theme songs.

Len Kagamine - fire flower, it's been like that since i first heard in october last year.

Rin kagamine - Skeleton life, words can't describe this song

Mew - Line, when i heard line in december last year i knew i would love this vocaloid and plus it's made by my favourite producer.

Luka Megurine - Palette, when i heard this song i could not stop liking this song, i downloaded it and i did not stop listening to it the next day.

Iroha Nekomura - Double suicide, the music and the vocals fit this song very well.

Lily - Leviathan, although it's a demo for her V3 but hey it's a beauitful song.

VY1 - awakening, it's a catchy song, and the lyrics are about how everyone aren't involved and made to do the dirty work if you would say that.

VY2 - hello how are you, although it's a cover but hey it still good.

Meiko - Escape of salmhofer the witch, i love a song that has a beauitful chrous and a plot twist.

Miku - Time machine, miku sound mature in the song

Gumi - Ama no jaku, Great song first Gumi song (i think).


Birds of tokyo (there an Australian band check them out) - If this ship sinks (I give in), i can't describe how amazing this song is, heres a link to it

The Killers - Mr Brightside, everyone has heard of Mr brightside, if you haven't go search it up!

30 seconds to Mars - Attack, This song, this song, i'm lost for words when i try to describe this song.

Blink 182 - Down, this song has great lyrics.

thats really all the bands i like because a lot of songs have put me off music, like Nicky minaj OH GOD! don't get me started on how bad she is.


Lia - Tori no uta, this song makes me want to cry when i hear it and it makes me think of the anime, and i love Rin and Len duet for it, and Len's rock version for it aswell.

Miku hatsune - Black rock shooter, I love the lyrics and the anime aswell.

Orange range - asterisk, catchy song and love the rap for it.

the first pokemon theme song - i don't know who sings it, but who couldn't love this song, who?

Well thats the lists i hope you enjoyed.

- Trainspud.

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