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My first song is nearly here. And some random thing

Trainspud November 9, 2012 User blog:Trainspud

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Ok. first of I've just put the vocals and the music together and I'm seeing if it works. So far it seems to work, I wouldn't say It's 100% done yet. I think it's around 75-90% done. If I'm really happy with It, I'll finish it of and make the movie thing for it (It's just a picture and lyrics). If not I'll just work on the music part. I'm Happy with the Vocals but it probably sound robotic, oh well!

The random thing, Ok in July/August my school hosted about 20 Japanese exchange students from Osaka, and we could let one stay with us, but I asked my mum she said no because it's winter here and the person would be cold, my legit response was "It snows in Japan Mum!" and another reason is that I live on a block of land 20 minutes outside the town I go to school to and Me and my sister work and they would be alone, and we're still building my house, my family hopes I can be in my new room around Christmas, any that's not the story I'll you about my house another time, any way so we didn't get one to stay at my place, but my school principal said next year they want to come again, I told my mum about it and she's happy with it. you don't know how excited I was, I just have to wait another 8/9 months YES!.

Any way I'm feeling happy with the song it has taken me 20 minutes to write this Blog, let's see it's 9:40pm on the east coast of Australia right now, it mine take me a bit to make the movie thing. and plus I might upload it Tomorrow depending and my laptop has 32% left of battery, then I would go to my room and knowing me I going to turn on the TV and get distracted, I'll try not turn on the TV. And I'll make a blog when I've uploaded to Youtube and Nico Nico.

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