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My goals for this year

Trainspud January 2, 2013 User blog:Trainspud

My goals this year.

Ok for my music I'm going to try to release seven songs this year, (a big ask for me) I need to pay my mum to get Avanna for me, since she has a PayPal account. I'm going to do that tomorrow. (that's how work in my house hold, if you want some that's not for Christmas or your birthday you pay for it).

I'm looking forward to my seventh song, I think so far it's one of my better lyrics.

Some of my songs I've got inspiration from, my 2nd song, Mothy's Ten minute Love I don't have any for my 3rd, 4th and 7th song. For my 5th song Dixie flatline's answer. for my 6th song, leaving donna.

I plan to get English Miku when she's released (I hope it's soon). I still plan to do some songs with Mew, when I become better with tuning Vocaloid's.

I got a laptop, I was going to use a old computer I have, but it didn't read the disc for Vocaloid so I got a Laptop, because my parents owed me money any way. It's windows 8 and I have mixed feeling for windows 8, you have to download notepad (I didn't want Microsoft word etc. 2013 is coming out soon, I might get that), games etc. which sucks. Vocaloid, FL studio works well in Windows 8.

I downloaded MMD, I thought if I get practice with animation I might make my own Pv's for my songs, I've been playing around with it and I've tried waking and I've tried making Miku do something simple. I don't expect a MMD video for my next song.

I plan to do some song pages, I've got two Yuyoyuppe songs in mind, Reon and Hope. I was thinking of making a song page for Tori no uta, that's Vocaloid related now. and some other songs. Maybe some Albums, Yuyoyuppe has a couple of Albums out. That's all I can think of for now.

This year when I turn sixteen I'm going for my Drivers license, In Australia you need to get 120 hours (and a year?) before you can go and drive yourself around Australia's bumpy roads you need to have someone on their black license (their full license, I don't why it's called a black license) to teach you etc. Should be fun. I've got eight months before I can go.

That's all of the things I can think of for 2013, It's going to be a heck of a year.

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