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My vocaloid goal

Well my vocaloid goal, there's a couple of things.

To get these vocaloids.

Mew - Got

Vy1 -

Lily -

Iroha -

Vy2 -

Miku -

Rin and Len -

Luka -

Meiko -

Big Al -

English Miku -

English Rin and len -

English Meiko -

Miku append -

Rin and Len append -

Luka append -

Meiko append -

Avanna -

My first five vocaloid songs are going to be something about love. there not related. there all about a different girl.

  1. Lonely planet- About after a break up
  2. spread my wings - about a crush
  3. Ever since - love song
  4. Don't even try - a break up song (it might be a werid title for a break up song)
  5. unnamed* - a song about how she has moved on.

A song after i get a english vocaloid and i finish those five songs.

  • Emile - about a true story about me and a girl, i gave a nickname emile to her since she calls me jadys. i plan to use Avanna for this. Or some English vocaloid

Well that's what i've decided for now.

  • edit i'm going to do a song series when i get Lily, VY2v3. Miku, Rin and Len, Luka, Iroha Nekomura, Big Al and Meiko.

1st story series Aurora beam - is going to be about a girl called Sarah (Luka) going around killing off evil and she meets Lily, VY2, Miku, Rin and Len, Mew and Big Al. And her mother is Iroha Nekomura.

  • edit - I thought of a story based from final fanstay, Zelda, Bleach (in some ways), Air (maybe). A girl named Sarah goes around the Kingdom to spread the word of peace and but killing all evil like monsters etc, after killing all seven monsters she goes and kills the man that killed her mother, and a weird thing that might make it seem werid, Sarah has a gemstone like thing and she can use it to talk to her mother in heaven and clean the land of evil.

2nd story series Puzzle - is about a teenaged boy who moved to japan with his mum and dad, but the boy doesn't sing it's from Miku's, Rin's, Luka's, Len's and Meiko's side of the story. But they have their own names.

  • edit- A Teenage boy whose half Japanese and Australian moves to Japan with his Mum and Dad because his Dad got a Job in Japan for five years, he makes six new friends (based from the crypton vocaloids) and after seven years of living in Japan something happens which makes him move back to Australia.

That's it for now

- Trainspud

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