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My vocaloid life

Well i started listening to vocaloid in october of 2011 after watching the fine bros kids react to video which it was miku hatsune. After that i've been watching and listening to vocaloid songs ever since.

I first heard of Miku Hatsune and watched her world is mine live concert video.

Then i heard Rin and Len Butterfly on your right shoulder live conceert video.

Then i started listening to other vocaloids like Luka, Mew, Lily, Meiko, VY1, VY2, Iroha, Gumi etc.

My last vocaloid song i downloaded was Gumi's Last confession of the earth and my first was Servant of Evil By len.

I brought i couple of albums on itunes like Akuno's evil theather, Dixie flatline Fragments, and i brought singles like meltdown, Just be friends, Romeo and cinderella.

My favourite vocaloid artist is Yuyoyuppe because his work blows my mind.

And now my love for vocaloid will never end.


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