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Questions and a Update

Trainspud November 26, 2012 User blog:Trainspud

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Update first: Ok I've send my second song lyrics to LambdaSK and now I'm waiting for the translated lyrics. I'm not going to show the lyrics or tell you anything about how much I've done etc. In the mean time I'm thinking of doing a cover of Various feelings. probably one of my favourite Meiko songs.

Questions: Ok I'm going to ask these questions. favourite vocaloid, least favourite vocaloid, favourite vocaloid song, least favourite song, favourite boxart, least favourite box art and favourite producer.

here are mine.

  • Favourite vocaloid: Rin, Len and Mew (their tied equal first because their too epic)
  • Least favourite vocaloid: IA right now. (Because like Miku she's over used, none of her songs get to me and there's over vocaloids I like better and better quality than her, eg. VY1, VY2, Mew, Iroha)
  • Favourite vocaloid song: Last battle - Rin and Miku.
  • Least favourite song: World is Mine (It's so over rated)
  • Favourite box art: Miku append.
  • Least favourite boxart: Sonika's old boxart.
  • Favourite producer: Yuyoyuppe.

There you go.

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