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Some good news and some bad news

Trainspud September 22, 2012 User blog:Trainspud

Ok the good news is that i got Fl studio (the fruity edition) and now i can make music.

Ok the bad news is that when i was making some music to lonely universe i realised it only went for 80 second i tried adding the chorus two more times but it didn't work when i did that it when for around 104 seconds. But don't worry i'm redoing it so it can go for around 3 minutes or more, that was my oringnal time goal.

More good news, since it's school holidays in australia (i get school holidays every 10-11 week and during the summer holidays i get 6 weeks off, but these school holidays i get only 2 weeks off), i can redo the song in a day or few hours. (I don't really know depends if i get bored or not).

- Trainspud

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