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State of the world 2013. Quarter 1

So every three months I'm going to talk about the state of the world from my point of views. 

First topic Vocaloid: With four new male vocaloid's, two English vocaloid's coming. So far I think it's going to be a great year. With two English vocals released so far. One in May another in Winter (summer for those on the top of the world). I seriously can't wait for the Yohioloid and English Miku. (I have plans with English Miku but I'm thinking about the Yohioloid). I still haven't got my serial code from Zero-G for Avanna. 

Second topic School: So far I've had five assessments to do this term. And if I don't hand all of my homework and assessments in I'll have to repeat year ten. That isn't happening. I've had a test on Monday and it's week eight and usually we don't do our half year/year test at the end of every second semester. In school in Australia we get our reports every two semester hence the testing at the end. We have four semesters they go for about ten weeks and then we have a break they go for about two weeks. Anyway the reason why they're doing this because next year I start the senior years of High school in Australia which are the hardest school years. We have to study for a HSC and an attar which what ever marks you get determines what university you can go to etc. But this year I'm going for a Rosa which says "you're finished easy school, now you got to hit the books at every single moment you have so you can go to a good university, and there's one thing. The school work is harder" (insert a picture of Borat with his thumbs up) it's a thing that everyone in year ten has to go for.

Third topic World events: To be honest I haven't been keeping up with the news. The only things I remember are North Korea threatening to bomb every city in the U.S. Um... something about the queen of Britain being sick that's some stupid royal news that I don't really care about. Australia is apart of the British empire and I haven't paid attention. I just don't care about how that was one of the few times that she hasn't appeared in public because she was sick or something it just doesn't interest me one bit. That's how much I want Australia to become a republican Country. We don't even need the Queen any more. Only if we can't agree on a Law and the governor General can't agree on as well. She even said that we should become a Republic Country. This year is an election year in Australia so on September 14. (I'm surprised that I remember the date). everyone will be voting. I'm I looking forward to it? No. Why? well before the election the two major government party's are going to play stupid ads which are BOOORRRIIINNGGG. I remember in 2010 the liberal party had some ad and at the end of it they had people singing at the end of it. My response was "Why are you doing this to people Tony? First the red speedo's now this?" and yes that picture I just linked isn't pleasant and when everyone in Australia sure that they were all like. "OH GOD WHY? BURN IT" (I added the burn it for fun.) But two radio host made him burn it which was good. 

Ok that ends my view of the world for this Quarter. Bye. I've been planing to post lyrics for the song I do with Mew that's not until I finish the other seven songs, I'll try get around to it. And I've had a idea for a song, I thought of a song about Pandora and when she opened the box. I thought of writing the lyrics with any who's interested on the wiki on the forum but that's only when I start the topic. Bye for now.

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