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Trainspud's rant N.o 1

Trainspud November 22, 2012 User blog:Trainspud

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Well I thought of starting blog's about my random rants. Ok my first one is about my thoughts about some Vocaloid's.

First up is Ia - I don't like Ia to be honest, I can see why people like her, in my opinion she's over rated like Miku, Gumi. I can't get into any of the songs that she sings, I might reconsider if someone impresses me with her (i.e. Yuyoyuppe) . I prefer her Voice provider than her.

Ryuto - I don't like his voice, If I didn't know Ryuto was a vocaloid I would of considered he was a Utau. It's like internet co just rush him. Maybe his V3 update will be better.

Cul - Her voice is muffled, her voice isn't my cup of tea.

that's my little rants about vocaloid's I don't really like.

And another thing I saw somewhere (might of been on the wiki) some fangirl was love Lui Hibiki is my favourite vocaloid etc, my thought he doesn't even have a voicebank! you might not even like him. I don't get people at all.

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