" Hatsune Miku " is a virtual singer who can sing any song that anybody composes.

It has made a massive impact on all creators through the web. They, inspired by her songs, have published their original works not only in the field of music, but in illustration, video, CG, cosplay, live performance and dance.

Besides over 30,000 original tracks, many more works are still being released over the web.

Feel the possibilities of the web through the social phenomenon caused by million craetors.

"Tell Your World" / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku Lyrics・Music: kz

This film was created with the support of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA Inc, SEGA, and many creators and fans from all around the world.

... I can comprehend the fact how Hatsune Miku's popularity can increase; while the name 'Vocaloid' is... Well... Not so known?

Copy pasted from Google Chrome's video. Link to video .

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