I was browsing around the daily ranking page when I saw "Vocalo P Ranking" there on the list. I was bored so I said, meh, why not. I was too lazy to watch 100-50 so I only watched 51-1. I'll assume that the "rules" on how it's counted is on Part 1, so, I don't know what it's based on.

At first, I thought it was based on views, but, I was wrong. Shigotoshite-P (#43) and Yanagi-P (#44) were above Dixie Flatline, Hoehoe-P (Hello / How Are you), Junky, and Yucha-P (Gumi's Poker Face).

Yuukiss (#39) well, all of her works are above 100,000 as far as I know? Well, her full songs anyway.

Dixie Flatline has Gemini, Just be Friends, and Sweetiex2 all of them, but Shigotoshite-P? She doesn't even have a million hit song (YET! I hope). And her recent works have an average of 20,000-40,000 views (her old works with Yomi Zakura, Toki wasure bito, and Tsugai Kogarashi were 500,000+). So... I wonder why Shigotoshite-P is above someone like Dixie Flatline / even Junky? As far as I know all of Junky's works have 80,000+

Well, the top 10...

10. OSTER project with Koisuru VOC@LOID

9. Doriko with Romeo and Cinderella

8. CosMo with Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

7. Sasakure.UK with *HELLO PLANET

6. Kurousa-P with Senbonzakura

5. Akuno-P with Servant of Evil

4. DECO*27 with Mozaik Role

3. wowaka with World's End Dancehall

2. Hachi with Matryoshka

1. Ryo with Melt

I seriously was hoping Kz (11) or Shizen no Teki-P (38) would be in the top 10. And, to my surprise, Hitoshizuku-P number 23? Really? :-/ I thought she'd be in Akuno-P's place, somewhere in the top 10. Then again, she doesn't have a million hit, something the top 10 has...


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