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    Well, recently i got motivated to find out what the meaning to th Yukari song "E.D.E.N" By Ryo(supercell. And since there were only spanish subs for it and I cant read spanish I decided to use google translate to get the "literal" meaning of the lyrics.

    (and oh god i never really understood Yukari much in this song but, im a bit taken aback by the lyrics.)

    So here:

    light Reflector two o'clock now, right now we will hold me no one else in the dark night the moonlight shines come on, kiss me I can go even further. I wanna baby do not separate my i wanna baby First-time I wanna baby do not separate my i wanna baby So more I hold True love in your eyes reflected You alone for my I wanna baby Do not separate my I wanna baby first I wanna baby do… Read more >
  • V3-CHAN


    February 13, 2015 by V3-CHAN

    Ok, lemme just start off by saying, I love you Luka but.....WHAT THE HELL?!?! 

    Ok. Whew. So, Yeah she's Finally releasing wooop! Oh, she got moved back a month later....the day after..yu...kari. 

    WHY? Like dude. First you get moved the same month as this poor 'loid then you release a day after her? Hell no, unless your committed and interested, will Yukari sales be good for this year. I'm sorry, but this girl just got her big break. Sometimes these CFM vocaloids kill me. No, don't get me wrong I LIKE Luka and I LIKE Miku. It's just I feel more sympathetic towards the "underdogs" I guess, of the situation. 

    Poor Yukari. 

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  • V3-CHAN

    Ruby or CYBER DIVA?

    January 30, 2015 by V3-CHAN

    So do you think will be more successful, sounds better, or is just more interesting?

    Personally, as of right now I say CYBER DIVA Ruby 's Problem SAMPLE was promising, but her witness cover (V3 or not) was pretty much unbearable to listen to. Her voice seemed really stuffy and too nasily it hurt. Plus, CD is gonna be released on my birthday

    Ruby doesn't seem bad, I barely know how she sounds, so I can't really say anything, and as of now there isn't much news on her. 

    But also, I have an opinion. I wanna say it out loud (till I'm proven wrong...or whatever)

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    ...V3 OPINIONS?

    January 16, 2015 by V3-CHAN

    Meh, im late on this. bored :P

    Ill only be doing  V3 ORIGINAL Characters bc i think that makes more sense? well. (As i said these are my OPINIONS on these Vocaloids, not how i thought about how well they did in the era)

    Mew- When i First saw her i adored her boxart and was sad she didnt get more fanart i think she deserves, Her voice is ok. Its Not bad. Just a Tad bit generic to me. Sad she didn't get more popular, i suppose it was bc of her Boxart..apparently? 6/10

    SeeU- I never really listened to her much, but when i did it was usually her Korean Voicebank. And i kinda liked it. I was never sure wether or not she was pronouncing something wrong since i dont really know the Korean language. XD I like her design, but the …

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  • V3-CHAN

    MAYUs BROKEN!!!!!!

    January 1, 2015 by V3-CHAN

    SO....I was trying to install my MAYU trial kept failing for some reason!

    Maybe because the instructions were in Japanese I dunno (heck i even google translated them). 

    But, I was pretty sure i was doing it right, I had more than enough data needed I compressed the files and yet it doesnt could be my computer? I have Windows 8.1 which could bethe problem, but if it was wouldnt it not download it in the first place?

    I honestly cant stop freaking out, MAYU Y U DO DIS!

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