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V3-CHAN February 13, 2015 User blog:V3-CHAN

Ok, lemme just start off by saying, I love you Luka but.....WHAT THE HELL?!?! 

Ok. Whew. So, Yeah she's Finally releasing wooop! Oh, she got moved back a month later....the day after..yu...kari. 

WHY? Like dude. First you get moved the same month as this poor 'loid then you release a day after her? Hell no, unless your committed and interested, will Yukari sales be good for this year. I'm sorry, but this girl just got her big break. Sometimes these CFM vocaloids kill me. No, don't get me wrong I LIKE Luka and I LIKE Miku. It's just I feel more sympathetic towards the "underdogs" I guess, of the situation. 

Poor Yukari. 

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