• Vanakita

    I've been going through entries from the previous vocaloid design contests and this question popped in my head. From all the entries I have seen, the ones rejected are either

    • stereotypical by concept standards
    • stereotypical by vocaloid "standards"
    • too detailed
    • over the top
    • or simply too bland.

    What is, in your opinion, the something that makes an original vocaloid design good and well-accepted?

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  • Vanakita

    Just be friends

    June 9, 2014 by Vanakita

    I always though that the starting tune of Just be friends reminded me of something

    Then I recalled this:

    Not calling it plagiarism or anything, it just reminds me of this song due to the instrumentation and the tempo.(After all, Jbf came out before this one) It used to play on many bar-clubs here on 2009-2011 and it was one of the many fan-favorite songs.

    Aomewhat unreated blog, I just found the song today and wanted to share it with you.

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  • Vanakita

    Al's hand

    May 28, 2014 by Vanakita

    Remember that other blog I wrote a while ago?

    As it seems, it wasn't Elvis's hand in Al's original boxart. It was our classic USA poster man Uncle Sam.

    So, the theory I mentioned of the pattern they used (Old singer+ frankenstein element+ flaming background) is wrong as in Al there is no singer element aside from the mic.

    Nonetheless, it feels nice knowing where the pictures of the boxarts are based on. PFX sure knows how to pay homage.

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  • Vanakita

    Ann and Al's flames

    February 12, 2014 by Vanakita

    Quoting what I said on dA:

    It seems PowerFX payed homage to the classic horror movie Frankenstein through their vocaloid boxarts, as well as popular singers.

    Sweet Ann is a Blonde version of Lena Horne, and her illustration is taken from the Stormy Weather poster

    Big Al is an Elvis version of frankenstein's monster and his original illustration is taken from the original Frankenstein poster

    Both the Vocaloid illustrations show a flaming pattern for background.

    The original frankenstein poster also has the same pattern.

    So, there we go, this is probably why Ann has "satanic flames" in her boxart and Al iceberg-like flames.  

    Anyway, as a classic movies' fan I love how PowerFX payed their homage to Frankenstein through their concepts. It's just awe…

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  • Vanakita

    Cultural difference?

    January 28, 2014 by Vanakita

    If you are a VO member and didn't notice it, we are having a beauty pageant for all the female vocaloids up to date. I noticed Sonika won over Kokone. But if the pageant was aimed to the japanese fandom, would they pick Kokone for the winner?

    So, here are my thoughts about it. You'll probably call me captain obvious.

    It seems the japanese users tend to go on a more cartoon-styled illustration in general. You can see it if you compare the MMD pictures uploaded in seiga and dA; on seiga, the pictures simply showcase the models with few effects, still retaining the "anime drawing" appearance, while on dA in some cases the pics are bombardised with many effects to make the shading look as soft and realistic as possible.

    Speaking of, another thing…

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