I believe there is a misunderstanding concerning the Vocalistener Plugin

It is true, they said, no other languages other than japanese. But what does that really mean?

Allow me to explain if you do not already know. Vocalistener, as a plugin, has its own interface, with its own piano roll and tracks. In this interface, people are able to hear the human vocal they have imported and "write" the lyrics of certain wav parts.

When all the parts are done, Vocalistener translates the pitch and dynamic data of the sound and imports the lyrics the user has entered in a vsqx file with the above settings, which after that appears in the track in which the user executed Vocalistener

What they really meant? They meant that inside the Vocalistener interface, you can only write in japanese, or else the plugin will not recognise the written language. The audio files are rendered in vocalistener, but the user is free to do further editing on the vsqx file after vocalistener's job is done. This includes changing singers, changing language or even exporting the data to be used in vocaloid 2 or vocaloid 1.

So if you encounter a video with Kaito or Meiko singing, with Sweet Ann or Sonika singing in english or Bruno in spanish, all with using vocalistener, don't be surprised and save the quotes "Vocalistener is only for Japanese" and "Vocalistener is only for Vocaloid 3".

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