Quoting what I said on dA:

It seems PowerFX payed homage to the classic horror movie Frankenstein through their vocaloid boxarts, as well as popular singers.

Sweet Ann is a Blonde version of Lena Horne, and her illustration is taken from the Stormy Weather poster

Big Al is an Elvis version of frankenstein's monster and his original illustration is taken from the original Frankenstein poster

Both the Vocaloid illustrations show a flaming pattern for background.

The original frankenstein poster also has the same pattern.

So, there we go, this is probably why Ann has "satanic flames" in her boxart and Al iceberg-like flames.  

Anyway, as a classic movies' fan I love how PowerFX payed their homage to Frankenstein through their concepts. It's just awesome!It makes me wonder of two things now though.1) where is Al's hand taken from and 2)If they continued doing this kind of homages, who would have been next?  

I can assume the hand is by a picture of Elvis as on Ann the company combined something related to the Singer they paid homage to (Lena Horne) and a frankenstein related element(Background, stitches).  So if they did the same thing on Al's original boxart, it's probably Elvis. I don't know.

I'm kinda sure someone beat me to this and I'm just the one rewording it for no reason xD.

Anyway, with that being said enjoy some meaningless photoshop Of what could have been Oliver's boxart if it followed this pattern:


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