Who else discovered a childy vocal on FL studio? (everyone I guess)

Who download the UTAU voicebank once it was available?(not many I guess, considering the low amount of songs)

Who started making his/her own voicebank of FL-chan using these samples?(How the hell should we know? xD)

(Words above coming in my mind) I am making an UTAU voicebank for FL-chan using the child voices and I can't help but laugh. Why? the results are simply hillarious. I started by separating the words in wav files and she sounded like the moe personification (a.k.a. miku cosplay) of GLADos from portal. Was the voice purpose techno, right? Like the tutorial on Macne Nana showed an example of tecnho songs with echos ( quite a nice song btw ).


when I finish her, she will go right to the "Parody" voicebanks, accompaning Sukone Tei.

Out of other useless info, I recently bought Nana Macne, Coco Macne Black and Coco Macne White for technos in audacity and songs/covers UTAU. Also, thanks to my part-time, I have enough money to buy 1 more vocaloid and go for vacation.

I am thinking of Iroha Nekomura, but is she easy to use? I am not going to do the same mistake...the third time

(I probably shouldn't have bought prima and tonio

Solid Proof:


hmm...anything else?...nope

ok seeya! :-)

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