Boredom is something that rules me (you can say it from my name xD). My current activities vary from a simple 3DCG model of this character on MMD doin the "Libera me" dance to silly attempts of making acapellas on vocaloid...I am now curious if Mete Mouya and Aku Yamine work as mascots, because I never heard vocal works from them. No matter what, the person who did the speedpaints on Nico Nico Douga is awesome using the pen tool on photoshop. What else; I am trying to make a hagane version of Lily for the acapella purposes. I already have made a voice for Harii, so I sould consider it as a playground activity, lol. I don't even know japanese, I use a translator whenever I want to see a word or something like this, and I must also pick a name for the "hagane" lily. She is temporary called "okurine" since I am testing her with luka's voice confiq.

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