Recently I heard a rumour of Nanami redistributing a final Teto model for a limited time. I searched the internet but couldn't find any clues. So I considered it a fake.

Later on, however, I found a Link to a new website on Deviantart. I entered the website and saw the model, also I saw that a pass from a japanese clue was needed. So I did not download it

...yes you heard me, some weabooish people called me an idiot (baka to be exact) for losing such an opportunity of getting such a model

I regret nothing as:

1)I didn't know the pass and had no clue how to figure it out

2)I was fine with animasa Teto

But before leaving I noticed something interesting on the english translated rules "Do not present this page to the english MMD community (youtube / deviantart etc.)". This rule already had been broken (remember, I found the site through dA) and as far as I know personal websites have a "visitor information" who show the ID and the website they came from.

The result? Redistribution available only in Japan and a worldwide block of the page where you get the final Teto. Some people say it is only in America. I live in Greece and I reassure you I cannot download the model. seems that she hates us

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