So, It is almost 5 a.m.

I am working on a DVD for a college project since 9 a.m.. We had to create two stop motion clips, burn them in a DVD or .iso disk image with menu and texts (like a normal DVD) and project them one week later.

We missed the lesson of the projection because our senior colleauges decided to go on strike (many greeks went on strike the previous week) , so the whole university was closed for about 3 days. So, the projection lesson is tomorrow...nah, I'll better say today, because in 11 hours the projection will take place.

So for the clips, I used UTAU characters. xD

I hand drew about 300 shadow images in 7x7 papers over the past week, took the same amount of photos to make a Bad Apple styled PV with the Bad apple string arrangement and as a last resort for the 2nd clip, I made a tutorial-like "speedpaint" by redrawing Ritsu's Strong voice illustration (only the upper body because It would take more than 3 hours to make everything). For the second I cut the video into frames and put them in the small papers with photoshop ( blanked images I have already used in the bad apple styled PV) so that it looks like a stop motion animation. This took about 4 hours.

The DVD is nearly done. I just hope something silly does not happen. I have downloaded a program called DVD styler to make the menu and everything else and I do not even know if it is a trial or not. Let's hope it will allow me to burn the whole thing on DVD and not just parts.

Oh, and my computer tends to shut down by itself. Let's pray this does not happen because I do not want to lose my work.

Anyways and all, I really hope that the professor and my colleauges will like my stop motion clips.

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