Hai peoples!😋

It's Vocaloids4life.

I decided to make my own vocaloid. I wanted her to be somewhat connected with the moon. After countless hours of searching, I stumbled open Miyako which means "beautiful night child." I made her 14 and she is no way related to any other vocaloids. After that , I needed to draw her. I first designed her outfit. That was the hardest part due to vocaloids having such unique designs. So I feel like my outfit design is pretty plain. I'm open to any suggestions. I'll post pictures of her. So she has lime green hair, gray eyes and a crescent moon hair clip. Her dress is white, the bow on her dress is lime green. The bow on the back of her dress is gray. On her left arm she is wearing a long glove , that reaches a little above her elbow, which is white. The edges of her dress are Gray. Her leggings are a very dark gray. Her shoes which aren't shown, are white and resemble low top converse.lastly, her belt is lime green and has a circle split In half to resemble the moon, one half white the other black.I wasn't able to color the picture yet, but I will eventually. Due to her left arm not having a sleeve, her number would be on that shoulder and not her right because that arm has a sleeve. There are so many vocaloids so I'm not sure what number she would be. If you have any suggestions for her number, I'd be happy to hear them. I wanted her to be bilangual or speak two languages. Both Japanese and English. Like Luka! I don't know how to make a voice for a vocaloid, so if anyone does, I'd love to work with you in trying to make a voice for Miyako. I also don't know how to make vocaloid music. I don't have the program but that's still something I'm working on. So far I started writing a song for her. Anyway, I encourage all you other vocaloid fans to be creative and make your own vocaloid.

Peace out!✌ (I'll add her picture later)

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