• Voidorchestra

    I wanted to use vocaloid for a talking conversation at the beggining of a piece. 

    Listen to the track.


    Oh! My GoD!? What is that? in the sky...
    It's black, and white,
    It's round, it's fat, it's fluffy!
    Is this a flying panda?

    Flying panda in the sky

    (at 2:24, and at the end...)
    Flying panda in the sky 
    Tell me how you get so high
    What is your secret to fly
    I wanna try

    I used the layering technique that I explain here:,_using_Layering

    For this track, I used only PowerFX voices, layering SweetAnn and Oliver to give the girl a more teenager voice. Layering also BigAl and Yohio.

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  • Voidorchestra

    Popular dance-music artists and rappers now use it frequently. If you listen well, in some new songs the singer is actually singing twice or trice, and all voices are layered together so that you can bearly notice it if you are not paying attention. Nonetheless, it gives depth and richness to the voice, allowing it to stand out better in the mix.

    I'm writing this article to answer 2 questions I have been asked since I published a track called "Hard as Diamond", so I will use that track as an example. The questions were: 1. Which Vocaloid voice are you using?  2. How did you get that sound?

    First off, the man voice in this track is mine, it's not Vocaloid; that is obvious. But for the woman, I used this layering technique that is more and mor…

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