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No one knows me, but that's fine ^~^

You know how summer is suppose to be fun? Well, here I am, bored.

The only things I've been doing are sleeping, eating a huge amount of Japanese snacks, watching anime (Dangan Ronpa! \(^o^)/ Mirai Nikki OVA! *O* Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi! OvO ), Tumblr (hitting post limit so many times... TT^TT), and listening to my favorite Vocaloid songs (My favorites right now are Self-Inflicted Achromatic, Crybaby Pierrot, Last Battle, The Talking Demon and a Machine Gun, 'Prodigy Singer, Mediocrity Singer', and A Vision Without You. )

Too scared to read the Corpse Party manga because the games freak me out and too bored to read any new mangas... *sigh* I feel like I should play Mermaid Swamp or another Japanese RPG, but then at the same time, I'm like NO.

Maybe I try to find a new website to go on??? But what...

I also found direcetions to Hide and Seek Alone which I kinda wanna do, but then again... what would happen to me? O__O

  • sigh* I'll just go and be a NEET or nothing.

Wind-Up God, signing off!

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