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  • YumiNakamine


    July 24, 2011 by YumiNakamine

    I like making Genderbents and post it at Youtube

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  • YumiNakamine

    Ok. Today I read Wikipedia( Yeah because I was bored) and I read there will be a vocaloid whose voice provider is Miu Sakamoto and the Developer is Yamaha. So I'm asking all of you smart people( unlike me, an idiot) to tell me. Also, can someone tell me is the korean voice provider name is Kim Tahi or Kim Dae Hee? And she isn't the voice provider of the i- style vocaloid project right?


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  • YumiNakamine

    As you all know, we will be expecting a lot of changes this year. But there will always be one problem. Comparing Engloids and Japanese Vocaloids.

    The one think I don't get is why do most people hate the Engloids? I really like Sonika and it hurts my heart to say they aren't getting the treatment they deserve. I hope with the Taiwanese release, the Engloids finally get their shining spotlight.

    I like both of them. Japanese and English. So, let's love all the Vocaloids no matter what language and not compare them to each other. Because we are going to get more languages during Vocaloid3 like Korean.

    Well, that's all. Hope this kinda decrease the amount of hate in Engloids. Seriously.

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