I am currently a student. Despite been busy with tons of homework, I love vocaloid. Japanese vocaloids, English vocaloids, Korean vocaloids, Chinese vocaloids, Spanish vocaloids...I did love them no matter what.  

But, there's a problem. I 'd wish to share my hobbies with everyone, despite that, it seems like no one is interested in this topic. Their only comments were : " Never heard of that. Who are they? " " What's so good about those ROBOTS?? I hate these, so don't talk with me about this ( stupid topic ). ( Guess they are in the Anti-Miku campaign, well ) or the worse, " Boring. Going to bed."  Well, those comments were just an example. The rest were commented by 100% Anti-Miku people. If you guys did see those comments, I'm sure that would make your blood boil. Hearing upon those comments, I'd almost gave up on my dreams of being a vocaloid anime producer.

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