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Utatane Piko
Utatane Piko
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YukitA (Original\2010)

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Ki/oon Music Inc.


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Utatane Piko VOCALOID2

Utatane Piko (歌手音ピコ) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Ki/oon Music Inc. (formerly Ki/oon Records Inc.), under Sony Music Entertainment Japan, and was released in December 2010 for the VOCALOID2 engine. His voice is provided by the Japanese male singer, PIKO.



His surname, "Utatane", means "sound of singer", while "Piko" is the name of his voice provider, a popular Niconico singer; in other words, his name means "sound of singer Piko".


Utatane Piko's hairstyle is almost identical to the real Piko's hairstyle, the only difference being a cowlick (ahoge) on top of his head that is shaped like the letter "P". The white hair color is likely inspired by several depicted artworks of the singer.[1] His design incorporates aspects of YAMAHA's RGX A2 guitar

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Music featuring Utatane Piko
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Utatane Piko!
Featuring Utatane Piko
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Utatane Piko!
Featuring Utatane Piko
Category song
Featuring Utatane Piko
Category song
Utatane Piko!
Featuring Utatane Piko
Category song


Though he has a standard licensing agreement, Sony has held a tight copyright control on how his voicebank may be used. This was demonstrated when Sony announced they would not give permission for his vocals to be uploaded from the demo version. There was very little promotion given for him and he seemed to rely only on his provider's (Piko) popularity and links with the VOCALOID fandom. He was the only Japanese VOCALOID2 to be made "download only" at time of release. Utatane Piko's portrayal is that of a teenage/young male singer.


As Piko is one of the lesser-known VOCALOIDs, there were only two figures produced for him, both of which were made by COSPA.

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Utatane Piko Popularity
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In the Japanese fandom, he is currently amongst the lesser used VOCALOIDs, but overall has more usage than the previous male released in 2010, Gachapoid. Part of his usage problem is owed to being released next to the the Kagamine Append, with the Kagamine's grabbing much of the attention from him as a result.


An independent search on Niconico revealed that most VOCALOIDs had less than 1,000 videos uploaded on Niconico in 2011 between July 1st and December 15th. Piko fell into that category.[2]


  • SF-A2 miki's voice provider, Miki Furukawa, works for Ki/oon Music who are owned by Sony. She is from the same group Utatane Piko's provider Piko comes from.
  • Utatane Piko was also the youngest Japanese male VOCALOID to actually be voiced by a male vocalist prior to VY2.
  • Fans often are divided on their opinions of Piko's eyes and their colour. Some say he is Heterochromia iridum with his left being blue and his right green. Some fail to even notice the different coloured eyes, or put them down to lighting.

Notable for...Edit

  • First VOCALOID produced by Sony
  • First VOCALOID to not have a retail package



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