The Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard is a non-commerical keyboard designed to use the Vocaloid-Board technology.


It uses the Vocaloid technology to recreate Japanese lyrics. With your right hand you play the notes you wish the Vocaloid to sing and with the left hand you hit one of several letters. The exact pronunciation will depend on the combination of letters touched. Only a Japanese version has been made.

The product was not originally made for sale commercially and was offered to businesses interested in it. [1] However, as of now, the Keytar is planned to be sold in winter 2017. In the demos, VY1 can be heard singing.


A newer version of the keyboard shaped in a keytar style was seen in 2015. Once again, VY1 was the voice behind the product. The idea behind it was to be able to use VOCALOID in a new way without use of a PC. The product is usable with ease Several models were seen related to this, the 3 colours on offer for the show-cased version were black, white and pink.[2][3][4]

A pale blue version was shown in a article on VOCALOID NET. The 37 key prototype is set to be on showcase between July 3rd-5th 2015 in the "Two Yamahas, One Passion" exhibition at Roppongi Hill. The event showcases technological designs by both Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.[5][6]

A demostration was also later given.[7]

In September the final details were posted. The keyboard is a rented product from Joysound for 500円 + tax.[8]

In December a special event was held in which the first major appearance of the VOCALOID Keyboard was used. In the event Megpoid V4 was used as the voice within the instrument.[9] At the "Think MIDI 2015" event, a demo of the keyboard was seen.[10] Later in December, a Yuzuki Yukari version began development.[11]


The keyboard will officially be sold in Winter 2017. In addition to previous vocals, Hatsune Miku and IA's vocals vocal has been added to the list of possible vocals. The Keyboard comes with VY1 as standard. The additionally vocals are possible to purchase via a app. The first vocal is free.

The price was put up in early November.[12]

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千本桜 (Senbonzakura) (Hatsune Miku) YouTube
シンデレラベイビー (Cinderella Baby) (Hatsune Miku) YouTube



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