VOCALOTRACKS × CUL Music Contest (VOCALOTRACKS × CUL楽曲コンテスト」には) was a song contest on December 12, 2013 hosted by VOCALOTRACKS to promote the Vocaloid CUL.

Contest DetailsEdit

Producers had until the 1st of January, 2014 to produce an original song using CUL. Although due to technical faults the date had to be extended to the 14th.[1]


  • Format of the song must be in mp3.
  • Songs need to be less than 4 minutes.
  • Songs must be within 5mb.

Winning EntriesEdit

It has been reported that over 75 entrants participated in this contest, with 2 entries being declared as the winning ones. Previews of the songs can be downloaded on the contest page.

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc.
Day and Night Lycar CUL
We are pirates song CUL

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