VOCALO HOLIC (ぼかろほりっく) is Yuyoyuppe's seventh album containing 8 tracks. All of the songs feature the vocals of Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku.

Vocalo Holic
Released July 16, 2014
Producer Yuyoyuppe
Price ¥2,160
Illust. Tachibana
Track list
1. ぼかろほりっく
Megurine Luka
2. Imagination
Hatsune Miku
3. 独りのソラ
Hitori no Sora
Hatsune Miku
4. Our possibility
Megurine Luka
5. アコガレ
Hatsune Miku
6. 願いの音
Negai no Oto
Megurine Luka
7. 遥か彼方へ
Haruka Kanata he
Megurine Luka
8. 遥か彼方へ
Haruka Kanata he
Story of Hope
Story of Hope

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