A speech synthesizer program developed by AH-Software, released on December 4, 2009. Its name is derived from "Vocaloid"; however, Vocaloid is meant for singing, while Voiceroid is meant for speaking.

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User interfaceEdit


Yuzuki Yukari's voiceroid package

The user is able to adjust the tempo, pitch, and intonation to make the program sound more natural. Voiceroid enables the user to type in any word or phrase and Shouta and Ai Tsukuyomi will repeat it back to them.[1] All Voiceroid products will be packaged with the animating software, Crazy Talk SE.[2]

There have been two versions of the software so far, Voiceroid and Voiceroid+, the latter having improvements over the first.


✔ Strengths Edit

The Voiceroid software was built for speaking and for this specific task it sounds quite natural. The Voiceroid software has several uses including, but not limited to music, education and disablity. Later versions are capable of several emotions and the software is overall simple enough to use. It excels at speech better than Vocaloid.

✘ Weaknesses Edit

It was built for Japanese only and while registers English text, does not nessecary speak back the correct pronounciation. For example, the word "hi" is said as "H, I" rather then one whole word. As a text-to-speech based software, however, it is subject in general to talking words as they are literally written. This is less apparent with the Japanese language but still found within the Voiceroid software.

Although able to handle speech better then Vocaloid, so far only two voiceroid vocals have been released with an additional Vocaloid vocal. Furthermore, because it uses a different engine to Vocaloid-flex, it is not supported by the same licensing as the Vocaloid software, and it is also restricted to just Ah-Software as a development source.


  • All Voiceroid and Vocaloid packages from AH-Software were originally banned from Karen-T and Piapro, since AH-Software had never granted permission for their use with the sites services. However, while permission was later granted to all Vocaloids, the ban on Voiceroids has never been lifted from the Web sites.
  • Yuzuki Yukari, Tohoku Zunko and Kizuna Akari are the only characters created as both Voiceroids and Vocaloids.

References Edit

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