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  • "VOICES"
Uploaded July 31, 2016, with 748,600+ YouTube views (SONY) and 1,504,000+ YouTube views (vevo)
  • tilt-six (music, lyrics)
  • iXima (illust, model design)
  • EPOCH (video)


"VOICES" is a remixed Japanese song by tilt-six featuring Hatsune Miku. The song is based off of an EDM, non-lyrical song of the same name. The video was created as a collaboration between iXima, tilt-six and Sony to promote the new Sony XPERIA smartphone.

Throughout the video, Miku is seen flying through the city and using the smartphone to take pictures of her surroundings, as well as find information about herself and the world .

Succeeding versionsEdit

Original ver.
Author(s) Sony
Category Commercial video
Strings ver. featuring Ayasa
Author(s) Ayasa (violin), Sony (video)
Category Commercial video


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
もっと響かせて motto hibikasete
君のメロディ kimi no merodii
もっと届かせて motto todokasete
この声を全部 kono koe o zenbu

君と kimi to

もっと溢れてく motto afureteku
イマジネーションと imajineeshon to
もっとこだわった motto kodawatta
クリエイションを kurieshon o

想いはいつでも omoi wa itsudemo
伝えなくちゃ届かないから tsutae na kucha todokanai kara
もっと声にのせるよ motto koe ni no seruyo
「声」たちが "koe" tachi ga

続いてゆく限り tsuzuite yuku kagiri
これからも kore kara mo

夢をずっと歌う yume o zutto utau

僕らの声で bokura no koe de
つなぎ綴けてゆく tsunagi tsuzukete yuku
彼方を超えて anata o koete
繋ぎ続ける世界 tsunagi tsuzukeru sekai

広げて hirogete
きっと叶うよ未来 kitto kanau yo mirai
新しい声で atarashii koe de
歌は溢れて uta wa afurete

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