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VTalk (known colloquially in some circles as GachaTalk), is a speech synthesis software that was distributed by Internet Co. with Ryuto's VOCALOID2 "Gachapoid" release. The software runs on YAMAHA's VOCALOID-flex software. It is free-to-use for 6 months following installation. Only Ryuto's VOCALOID2 "Gachapoid" release has been packaged with this software, and no other VOCALOID libraries have been used with this software.


System ArchitectureEdit

VTalk is vastly different from the other two VOCALOID-based speech synthesizers commercially available (those being VOICEROID and MegpoidTalk). Instead of using seperate speech-based samples, VTalk instead accesses Gachapoid's '.ddb' file located in the VOCALOID installation directory. Because of this, VTalk sounds exactly like Gachapoid's VOCALOID2 release, albeit with more 'sing-songy' results than other speech engines will give you. Because VTalk is atuned to Gachapoid's VOCALOID2 registration number, moving or deleting the ',ddb' file will not hinder speech synthesis in any way.

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