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  • Nagimiso.SYS (wakizashi)
  • Kazeno (sleeve)
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YAMAHA Corporation






VY2 (codename: YUMA) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Bplats, Inc., under the YAMAHA Corporation, and was released in April 2011 for the VOCALOID2 engine. There has since been a second installment developed for the VOCALOID3 engine and dubbed VY2v3, released in deluxe and standard edition. The voice provider for VY2 has never been revealed.



"VY2" means "VOCALOID YAMAHA 2".[2]

The code name used for the original VY2 package, 勇馬 ("Yūma"; Yuuma), means "Brave Horse". As with VY1 and its codename of "Mizki", "Yuma" is often used as the name of the VOCALOID or mascot by fans, usually done in error.


Nagimiso (なぎみそ) and Kazeno (風乃) undertook the illustration for VY2's package. The Wakizashi was by Nagimiso, the illustration on the inside sleeve was by Kazeno, which was Japanese and SF styled with Tenshukaku (天守閣, Japanese castle tower) and two moons. VY2 was originally going to have other items for its boxart such as clothing. However, it was felt that these items were too personal and would only end up portraying too much of a design concept. Thus, opting for the Wakizashi made the VOCALOID's appearance ambiguous.

VY2 is part of the VY series and has never had an official avatar established. Though the VY2 vocal is masculine their concept is open to allow the producer using the vocal to conceptualize VY2 as any race, age, gender, etc as the producer desires.

Since there is no official avatars for VY series Vocaloids, interpretations vary per example for both VY1 and VY2. During the VesFes contrast a entry called "Roro" was chosen to act as a placeholder design for VY2 in a illustration book. The design featured on vol.4 of the VOCALOID-P data series boxart and in a illustration book. This remains the sole design for VY2 thus far seen in actual use, in contrast VY1 had featured 12 designs by Jan 2015 and is due to VY2's lesser use in Vocaloid related media.


Examples of UsageEdit

There are a list of songs featuring the VOCALOID VY2. Songs listed here may have VY2 singing as the main singer, or as a backup. VOCALOID VY2 is featured in 26 Songs and on 29 Albums- on this wiki. For notable songs by statistical views see the Songs featuring VY2 page. And for song listings, see these pages for Originals and Covers.


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Romaji — VY2 | Favicon-nico Favicon-youtube Favicon-bilibili

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Romaji/English Nenchaku-kei Danshi no 15-nen Nechinechi (A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years)
Featuring VY2
Author(s) Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP
Category Original Song
Romaji/English Garasu no Hana (Flowers of Glass)
Featuring VY2
Author(s) Machigerita-P
Category Original Song
Featuring VY2
Author(s) Caz
Category Original Song
Romaji/English Aruru Futeki Gousha no Dokuhaku (Monologue of a Certain Incompatibility)
Featuring VY2
Author(s) Asin Kuroda
Category Original Song


While VY1 had a standard and Deluxe edition, VY2 did not offer such a choice nor did it have a CD released for it.

Due to the professional design of VY2, the vocal often appears in use for apps and equipment that involves derivative products produced by YAMAHA, either on its own or with VY1. However, unlike VY1, VY2 is often added as an additional vocal or an alternative one and has yet to head a product using their vocals. Furthermore, when VY2 is used, the vocal often is only made for download – sometimes after the initial release of the product, unlike its counterpart VY1.


They were originally going to attach Net Vocalistener, however this idea was abandoned.

VocaFes WinnersEdit

At VocaFes 2011, two winners were announced for VY1 and VY2. This was the result of the competition to determine how fans view VY1 and VY2. Manbou no Ane won for VY2's design, which can be found in his pixiv account, and Rimiko won for VY1's design.

Taiwan ReleaseEdit

VY2 is one of the VOCALOIDs set to be released by e-capsule.[3]

Additional informationEdit


VY2 Popularity
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VY2 was better received than VY1 because the concept of the VY series had become better understood. The producer who created its demos declared that VY2 was the best Japanese male vocal of the VOCALOID™ series, boasting a quality none of the previous male vocals could reach.


VY2 and its predecessor vocal "VY1" were developed to head official Yamaha products. While VY1 tends to be used often in this role, VY2 has not been as used for such products quite as often as VY1.


In Feburary 2014, Vocaloid Otaku user "Dessert>desert" decided to run a test to see how many illegal Vocaloid downloads had been made via torrent. At 12,434 downloads, VY2v3 had the highest number of illegal downloads for any released package as a single vocal, the download was only beaten by a couple of other Vocaloid related torrents with several vocals contained within it.[4]

The song Nenchaku-kei Danshi no 15-nen Nechinechi reached 1 million views on Nico Video.


  • Because of the Wakizashi, VY2 ended up overlapping with Internet Co., Ltd's Gackpoid VOCALOID. Internet co., Ltd joked that the two VOCALOIDs should do battle with each other.
  • In the Western fandom, the term "BIG AL's syndrome" got applied to VY2 due to being a late masculine vocal. This was because he was expected in 2010 but ended up being released in 2011 due to delays. However, VY2 did not receive as much fuss as previous "male" VOCALOIDs.

Notable for...Edit

  • Highest quality Japanese masculine vocal for VOCALOID2
  • First "Masculine vocal type" of the VY series
  • Last VOCALOID2 to be released


400px VY2 illu
The image gallery for VY2 may be viewed here.


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