"VY The Songs" is a mini-album released by Bplats in celebration of the releases of VY1 and VY2; it consist of VY1 and VY2 demo songs such as Cendrillion and Stardust Utopia.

The album is purchasable in VocaloidStore's official site.

VY The Songs
Producer Various
Price ¥500
Illust. -
Label Bplats
Track list
1. 星屑ユートピア
Hoshikuzu Utopia / Stardust Utopia
otetsu feat. VY1
2. ポリリズム
Perfume feat. VY1
3. サイハテ
Saihate / The Farthest End
Kobayashi Onyx feat. VY1
4. 安里屋ユンタ
Asadoya Yunta / Song of Asadoya)
(a popular folk song from Okinawa Prefecture

5. サンドリヨン
Signal-P feat. VY1, VY2

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