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  • "Venom"
Uploaded February 17, 2017 (YT) and February 18, 2017 (SC), with 12,600+ YouTube views and 1,600+ SoundCloud views


Beauty. Seductive dance. Mysterious night. Sudden death.

Assassinations are sometimes too easy.

— Author's comment

"Venom" is an original RUBY song produced by Maryanaka-P. The song is about a belly dancer, who is also an assassin, who kills her victims by poisoning them.


This night is uncanny
I know you feel vibes of mystery
Your hungry glance follows my gentle movements
You have no chance

You are the type I would call
Just a fool with no rules
And I am more than you expected

Blood in veins, before you know
Turned into the venom

This night is delightful
Lustful dance was just a distraction
If you learn how to control men's illusions
You're the goddess

He was a type I would call
Just a fool, blind and dull
And how he died, oh he had no clue

Blood in veins just like it should
Turned into a venomous death

You know that a great beauty
Can also be murderous

Blood in veins, just as I wished
Turned into the venom
I saw it not for the first time
It was a thrilling crime


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