VocaTone is a small company formed in America. Their involvement in Vocaloid is in connection with PowerFX's VOCALOID3 development.




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Current Voicebank projectsEdit

  • PowerFX were running tests with various vocalists for the next VocaTone project. Anders later confirmed they're working on a new Vocaloid.
  • A potential Vocaloid named Ausgris was announced early 2016.[1] Vocatone also mentioned that another, separate, voicebank was in the works.[2]

Future Voicebank PossibilitiesEdit

  • In response to a fan, VocaTone confirmed they would take a VOCALOID4 update for OLIVER in consideration but there are problems such as finding a voice source and if the demand for a OLIVER V4 update is high enough.[3]

Promotional involvementEdit

On October 22, 2011, VocaTone hosted a VOCALOID panel at a local Anime Convention, Anime Banzai and got the okay to reveal Oliver's voice there. Anders did request that guests be prohibited from using cameras/recording devices, so only Oliver's voice is heard until the first official demo is out.[4]

The group consists of Vocaloid fans. PowerFX agreed to aid in the development and distribution of Oliver for VocaTone. However, after Oliver, the group have announced they will do it alone.

Since they are a fan based group, they rely on the overseas Vocaloid fandom for support; they do not have the same backing as other professionals do.


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