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While "VOCALOID" refers to the engine version of the same name, "VOCALOID(s)" can also apply directly to the mascot/avatar/persona of each "character" made for the VOCALOID engine. However, not all VOCALOIDs have a physical form or a biography.

For a list of VOCALOID voicebanks by engine, see Status.

The term "VOCALOIDs" was a term fans of the software began using as a method of identifying the mascots specifically for the VOCALOID™ software. While most packages adopt a character, not all opt for one and some remain avatarless. The mascot, or lack of one, is intended to act as a starting point of which the Producer can expand on and adapt their work to. The design itself can be adapted and altered to the Producers needs. Some mascots have a biography included with their package while others leave only vague hints or none at all. The mascots also form a starting point for the marketing of merchandise based on the VOCALOID.

The mascot has no effect on the software itself and is done purely for decorative reasons.

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VOCALOID charactersEdit


In terms of classification, it is generally considered that "VOCALOIDs" earn their classification when:

  • They have a VOCALOID™-powered vocal released. This includes characters from games with vocals powered by the VOCALOID™ software, as well as privately obtained licensed vocals.
  • They officially are confirmed as having a licensed vocal in development or planning stage has begun.

Derivatives are not classified as "VOCALOIDs" nor are characters powered by other software such as UTAU and neither are supported by Yamaha Corporation.

Character listEdit

By default, characters are sorted from newest to oldest.

Name Company Language Short bio Image
Zhanyin Lorra

Shanghai He Nian Chinese 163 years old, but appears to be 16. She came from a magical dimension with a special ability to see a person's music potential using her eye. Quiet and reticent. She is based on loudspeakers.
Zhanyin lorra
Yuezheng Ling

Shanghai He Nian Chinese 16 years old. A lively high school student. Her family runs the huge Yuezheng company, which makes instruments and music. Her personality is very straight-forward, and can be seen as blunt sometimes. She is extremely energetic
Yuezheng ling alone

Internet Co. Japanese A female VOCALOID who is part of the Artist Series. She has a compact and versatile voice that is able to fit many genres. Her voice is meant to be cute and firm.
Chika dress

We've Inc. Japanese 0 years old. Her design is based on a rainbow. She has amps on her head that give off a rainbow light when she sings.
Vocaloid rana
Tohoku Zunko

AH-Software Japanese 17 years old. Also known as the support character of the Tohoku region of Japan. She also has a family; Tohoku Itako is her older sister, Tohoku Kiritan is her younger sister,[1] and Zundamon is her pet/mascot.
Zunko Original

Bplats, Inc. Japanese Her voice has been described as a "a charming female vocal" with a powerful, androgynous-sounding tone. Her clothing appears to have a gothic theme.
V flower

Bplats, Inc. Japanese On right in image. Based on a 12th grade high school senior. "She’s a class representative type, a very capable person. She’s a very focused and level headed girl." anon is her younger twin.

Bplats, Inc. Japanese On left in image. Based on a 12th grade high school senior. "Since she’s a bit scatterbrained, she’s the type to not listen well when other people are talking. You could say she’s only really focused when she’s dancing." kanon is her older twin.

Internet Co. Japanese Known for having an expansive vocal range. Her name means "heart sound".
Kokone 1
Macne Nana

Bplats, Inc. Japanese
14-15 years old. Part of the Macne family that works at the "Macne cafe". She is described as being a bright and cheerful girl who can be a bit of a clutz. She is accident prone and is often late for work, but always looks on the bright side of life.
Macne Nana body

Bplats, Inc.
i-style Project
Japanese Aoki Lapis' elder sister. Merli uses songs to draw power from living things. "Strong-minded and tsundere; a charming mysterious girl who is innocent and changing the facial expression all the time. She's basically naive, but so innocent that she usually pretends to know everything ad hoc."
Merli final LQ byCarnelian

Voctro Labs Spanish 19 years old and a "pop diva". She shares a voicebank with ONA.

Based on his voice provider, YOHIO. Around 17 years old. Has many pets, including CUBI (pictured).
News yohioloid-leaks-art

Bplats, Inc.
Shanghai He Nian
Chinese She is based on the winning entry in VOCALOID: CHINA's second competition.

Bplats, Inc. Japanese Part of ZOLA PROJECT. Age in adolescence. Sweet voice.

Bplats, Inc. Japanese Part of ZOLA PROJECT. "Exotic". Husky voice.

Bplats, Inc. Japanese Part of ZOLA PROJECT. "Fair". Strong voice.

Zero-G Limited English Celtic-themed. Loosely based on a fantasy-orientated setting and originally conceptualized as an elf.
Avanna full body art

EXIT TUNES Japanese 15 years old, with a gothic lolita design. Based on a yandere junior high school student. Has a stuffed rabbit and an axe.

Internet Co.
Stardust Music
Japanese Originally designed as a promotional character for the music unit galaxias. Her design has strong references to galaxies and cosmos.
Luo Tianyi

Bplats, Inc.
Shanghai He Nian
Chinese 15 years old. "An angel who came to the human world with the task of bringing music to the world. She is very empathetic and while she does not communicate well with humans, she can connect to their feelings."
Aoki Lapis

Bplats, Inc.
i-style Project
Japanese Merli's younger sister. A 15 cm tall fairy who is based on "light". Her race's concept as fairies is that they are a special race who can convert “songs” into “power”. They can only be seen by a subset of the human population. According to her developers, she has no memory of who she is.
Aoki lapis

1st Place Japanese Often portrayed as being mysterious and otherworldly due to her original promotions and lack of specified personal info. Her subtitle is "ARIA ON THE PLANETES".

Voctro Labs Spanish The first female Spanish VOCALOID. Her male counterpart is Bruno.

Voctro Labs Spanish The first male Spanish VOCALOID. His female counterpart is Clara.
Yuzuki Yukari

Japanese 18 years old. Loosely inspired by the legend of the moon rabbit.
Yukari avatar

Internet Co. Japanese 16 years old. Originally the mascot of the VOCALO Revolution television program.
CUL illust

English 12 years old. Based on a Frankenstein monster, but instead of stitches like BIG AL and Sweet ANN has bandages.
Tone Rion

Bplats, Inc.
Dear Stage
Japanese 16 years old. Born in 2095, she is good at singing and dancing. Rion performs on the "Dear Stage" (ディアステージ) located in future Akihabara set 100 years from the current time.
Illu AkioWatanabe Vocaloid ToneRion-img1

SBS Artech Korean
A "cute and lively, yet mysterious 17 year-old girl." Has a schoolgirl-based design.

Bplats, Inc. Japanese Has a cat based on that of her voice provider's own named Savami.
Mew dress illust

Bplats, Inc. Japanese Has a mascot, but unlike many other VOCALOID mascots, it is not a person but a type of sword called a wakizashi.
Ofclboxart bplt VY2-katana
Utatane Piko

Ki/oon Records Japanese Based on a teenage boy and bears a strong resemblance to his voice provider.
Ofclboxart kioon Utatane Piko
Nekomura Iroha

AH-Software Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Co., Ltd.
Japanese Was originally featured in the "Hello Kitty to Issho" game as one of the "Kittylers".
Iroha boxart

Internet Co. Japanese Based on the character Gachapin from the Japanese children's TV show Hirake! Ponkikki.
Illu Vocaloid Gachapoid

Bplats, Inc. Japanese Has a mascot, but unlike many other VOCALOID mascots, it is not a person. A hair pin represents the VOCALOID2 package, a more elaborate hair pin represents VY1v3, and a fan represents the deluxe version of the VOCALOID2 package.
Ofclboxart bplt VY1-img2

Internet Co.
Japanese Represents the anime-persona or avatar of her voice provider, Yuri Masuda.
Ofclboxart icltd Lily-illu2

Zero-G Limited English A classical/opera style singer. He has no official avatar, but fans often use his boxart as inspiration. His e-capsule release states his age is 27. He is the counterpart to Prima.
Ofclboxart zrog Tonio

PowerFX English Based on Frankenstein's Monster. He is Sweet ANN's counterpart and was originally depicted in the same painted style of boxart as her. His original bio states his age is 25.
Ofclboxart pwrfx Big Al-illu
Hiyama Kiyoteru

AH-Software Japanese A teacher at an elementary school, the same one that his counterpart, Kaai Yuki, attends. On the weekends, he is in a band called Ice Mountain, the details of which are written in a book of the same name. The book states his age is 22.
Ofclboxart ahs Hiyama Kiyoteru-illu
Kaai Yuki

AH-Software Japanese 9 years old. Based on an elementary school student. She attends the same school that her counterpart, Hiyama Kiyoteru, teaches at.
Ofclboxart ahs Kaai Yuki-illu
SF-A2 miki

AH-Software Japanese Designed to look like she was made out of inorganic material and was conceptualized as an android. Looks approximately 14 years old. She is covered in muscles made of various materials such as carbon nanotubes that were made loose to give them mild deformed look.
Ofclboxart ahs SF-A2 miki-illu

Zero-G Limited English 17 years old. Her hair color is able to change color (e.g. from green to red), and she has freckles that show in the summer heat.
Sonika flat boxart scan1

Internet Co. Japanese
Her age has been stated to be roughly in her teens.
Illu Yuuki Vocaloid Gumi-img1
Megurine Luka

Crypton Japanese
20 years old. Her design was made to be asymmetrical, so from different angles she would look different.
Ofclboxart cfm Megurine Luka-illu
Camui Gackpo

Internet Co. Japanese Has a samurai aesthetic about him.
Gackpo Promotional Art 2

Zero-G Limited English Has no avatar, but her boxart has a woman looking up to the sky. Her e-capsule release states her age is 18. She is an opera singer and is Tonio's counterpart.
Ofclboxart zrog Prima
Kagamine Len

Crypton Japanese 14 years old. Based on a Japanese teenage schoolboy. Kagamine Rin's partner vocal.
Kagamine Len Act 1
Kagamine Rin

Crypton Japanese 14 years old. Based on a Japanese teenage schoolgirl. Kagamine Len's partner vocal.
Kagamine Rin
Hatsune Miku

Crypton Future Media Japanese
Based on a Japanese teenage school girl. She is 16 years old and "an android diva from in the near-future world where songs are lost".
Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu
Sweet ANN

PowerFX English Has no official design; however, her boxart is a mid-20th century poster-styled painting of a blond woman with curly hair and blue eyes. She is based on the "The Bride of Frankenstein". She is the counterpart to BIG AL.
Ofclboxart pwrfx Sweet Ann-illu

Yamaha/Crypton Japanese
Has a male character on his boxart. Originally not intended to represent his vocals, it has since become his avatar. His female counterpart is MEIKO.
Ofclboxart cfm Kaito-illu

Yamaha/Crypton Japanese
Has a female character on her boxart. Originally not intended to represent her vocals, it has since become her avatar. She is the female counterpart to KAITO.
Meiko box art 1

Zero-G Limited English Has no avatar, but a blurry photograph of her voice provider, Miriam Stockley, is on her boxart and is often used as a reference for creating further avatars from.
Ofclboxart zrog Miriam-img2

Zero-G Limited English Has no avatar. Is identified as a "female" and a "soul singer". She is LEON's counterpart.
Ofclboxart zrog Lola

Zero-G Limited English Has no avatar. Is identified as "male" and a "soul singer". He is LOLA's counterpart.
Ofclboxart zrog Leon

Restricted accessEdit

Name Company Language Short bio Image

Voctro Labs Catalan Represents the Catalan alternate design of MAIKA, with whom she shares a voicebank.
Anri Rune

Fuji TV Japanese Born in 1990. Originally created as a virtual announcer for Fuji TV. She is currently limited to private usage.
Anri Rune
Masaoka Azuki

SEGA Japanese One of two mascots for the VOCALOID2 powered game Project 575. Described as being cheerful and positive. She's very open towards her feelings and tends to act first and think later.
Kobayashi Matcha

SEGA Japanese One of two mascots for the VOCALOID2 powered game Project 575. Described as being a bit of an introvert who is cool, calm and collected. She hides her emotions and is quite blunt as her words are sharp and hurtful.

Music Airport Japanese Based on his voice provider, the late Hitoshi Ueki. He is restricted to private usage.

Lawson Japanese Her design is controlled by Lawson and based on their mascot Akiko-chan. She is restricted to private usage.

Other charactersEdit

These characters are VOCALOIDs whose development has been cancelled or who are assumed but not confirmed to be VOCALOIDs.

Name Company Language Short bio Image
Hibiki Lui

Vocanext Japanese Described as "easily mistaken for a girl because of his graceful manners." Assumed cancelled.
Illu Vocaloid HibikiLui
Ring Suzune

Vocanext Japanese 17 years old. Described as "light-hearted, doesn't have high aspirations, but she's hard-working." Assumed cancelled.
Illu Vocaloid RingSuzune

King Records Japanese A cat-based "virtual idol" duo. They are closely linked to two prominent VOCALOID producers, Tripshots and Kobayashi Onyx, who claim they are VOCALOIDs. However, there has been no official confirmation concerning this.
Meaw image main

VoxWave French Originally slated to become the first-ever French VOCALOID. Development was later moved to CeVIO, a software similar to VOCALOID.
ALYS Original2




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