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While "VOCALOID" refers to the engine version of the same name, "VOCALOID(s)" can also apply directly to the mascot/avatar/persona of each "character" made for the VOCALOID engine. However, not all VOCALOIDs have a physical form or a biography.

For a list of VOCALOID voicebanks by engine, see Status.

The term "VOCALOIDs" was a term fans of the software began using as a method of identifying the mascots specifically for the VOCALOID™ software. While most packages adopt a character, not all opt for one and some remain avatarless. The mascot, or lack of one, is intended to act as a starting point of which the Producer can expand on and adapt their work to. The design itself can be adapted and altered to the Producers needs. Some mascots have a biography included with their package while others leave only vague hints or none at all. The mascots also form a starting point for the marketing of merchandise based on the VOCALOID.

The mascot has no effect on the software itself and is done purely for decorative reasons.

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VOCALOID charactersEdit


In terms of classification, it is generally considered that "VOCALOIDs" earn their classification when:

  • They have a VOCALOID™-powered vocal released. This includes characters from games with vocals powered by the VOCALOID™ software, as well as privately obtained licensed vocals.
  • They officially are confirmed as having a licensed vocal in development or planning stage has begun.

Derivatives are not classified as "VOCALOIDs" nor are characters powered by other software such as UTAU and neither are supported by YAMAHA Corporation.

Character listEdit

By default, characters are sorted from newest to oldest.

Restricted accessEdit

Other charactersEdit

These characters are VOCALOIDs whose development has been cancelled or who are assumed but not confirmed to be VOCALOIDs.





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