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About Vocaloid Wiki

You can't fight progress, no matter how strange it sounds.
Miriam Stockley, voice provider of "MIRIAM"
Vocaloid 3 introduction01:23

Vocaloid 3 introduction

VOCALOID, VOCALOID2 and VOCALOID3 are voice synthesizing applications that have been sold commercially since 2004. VOCALOID began from the simple concept of synthesizing the human vocals for singing. From the start this was never an easy task for the programmers behind the software, but from that beginning VOCALOID™ has grown into a worldwide phenomena, spawning new musicians, albums, figurines and even concerts.

There are many different VOCALOIDs, such as KAITO, Hatsune Miku and Aoki Lapis, who sing in Japanese. There are also VOCALOIDs like L♀LA, BIG AL and AVANNA, who sing in English. As of VOCALOID3 there are now VOCALOIDs like Bruno and Clara, who are Spanish, while SeeU is Korean and Luo Tianyi is Chinese.

This wikia is dedicated to exchanging information about the VOCALOID™ program and sharing the passion of the music produced with it. We try to appeal to all VOCALOID fans, both old and new, and we do not discriminate against any VOCALOID because its language, design, or even its voice. We acknowledge that not everyone shares the same taste and that the reasons for liking VOCALOID are varied. Please help us expand our knowledge on VOCALOID and share that information with other VOCALOID fans. Everyone is welcomed to edit freely; all we ask is that you refrain from non-productive edits and acts of vandalism, and that you be nice to other editors so this Wikia can maintain a safe, friendly working environment for all.

VOCALOID Mascot Highlight

Did you know?
  • He was the first English-capable VOCALOID based on a child?
  • He is 12 years old?
  • The bird on his boxart is an American Goldfinch?

Official VOCALOID Products


Vocal libraries released for the VOCALOID3 engine.

Vocal libraries released for the Mac version of VOCALOID3 VOCALOID NEO

Note; more can be found on the Status page

Upcoming confirmed Vocal libraries for the VOCALOID software; see Status for more details.

Notice; due to the confirmation of VOCALOID4, it is unknown if any currently known upcoming Vocaloid will be released as "VOCALOID3" or "VOCALOID4. Names are therefore also considered a temporary or placeholder name until the product is released.

Note: Images presented here are placeholders and may not reflect the final product when complete. Dates are only estimates given by each VOCALOID development team or studio. Each VOCALOID release is subject to delays and rescheduling that may cause the VOCALOID to fail to be released at the time initially estimated for their release.

Vocal libraries and software released as part of the VOCALOID™ franchise:


...for the VOCALOID engine.


...for the VOCALOID2 engine.

Unofficial ivocaloid logo

...for the iVOCALOID app.


...for the eVocaloid chip.

Unofficial vocalowitter logo

...for the VocaloWitter app.


...for the VOCALOID first app.

Logo net

...for the VOCALOID NET cloud service.


...for the Vocalodama app game.


...for the VOCALOID-P data series resource package.




Tracking new Vocaloid information:

Producer pages:

Song pages & song lists:


To-do lists:

VOCALOID™ software & culture x Wikia

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Important Websites

Below is a list of related websites where you will find more on VOCALOID related websites.

Top communities:

Popular media hosts:

Popular blogs/fansites:

Popular databases:

Record labels:

Official websites:

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On this day...

October 31 Happy Halloween from the Vocaloid Wikia!

trick and treat
Romaji/English trick and treat
Featuring Kagamine Rin \ Len
Author(s) OSTER project, 犬飼 (video)
Category Original song; Fanmade PV

For more VOCALOID-related events see Timeline.

Current News

VOCALOID4 mentioned (28, October 2014)

New Vocals:
Yuezheng Ling: Vocaloid announced (13th July, 2014)
Zhanyin Lorra: Vocaloid announced (13th July, 2014)
Ruby, new female vocal from VocaTone (19th September, 2014)
Zero-G Limited confirms new male vocal: estimated release May 2015 (6th October 2014)
Megurine Luka V3: set for Q1 2015 estimated release (10th October 2014)
Kagamine Rin \ Len V3: Set for Q3 2015 release (10th October 2014)

Releases countdown:
None at the moment

Did you know?

Fact 4

Software synthesizers need to sell just 1,000 units to be declared a commercial success, this includes the VOCALOID software. Some studios, such as Zero-G, are only given a certain amount of funding towards the VOCALOIDs they make and need to meet expectations to continue to develop the software. Therefore the failure of a VOCALOID can impact future development of others.

Buying a VOCALOID?

To find out information on where to find VOCALOID for purchase, please consult the Where to buy VOCALOIDs Thread at Vocaloid Otaku Forums.

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Are you excited about the developing news for the VOCALOID4 engine?

The poll was created at 23:02 on October 30, 2014, and so far 84 people voted.
Thread VOCALOID 4 Predictions/Hopes

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Thread Favorite VOCANESE Charater (Poll)
The most important factor for you to want to buy a Vocaloid capable of a heavy metal/ scream-o genre is if it...

The poll was created at 13:29 on April 3, 2014, and so far 61 people voted.
Thread if -Vocaloid capable of a heavy metal/ scream-o genre

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