The "Songs featuring Vocaloid" listings exist to organize and display the most notable songs by each VOCALOID, in addition to duets, trios, and group songs.


The pages are organized into two sections: originals and covers. If there are originals with over one million views, an addition section exists for originals with over a million views. The same goes for covers. Songs should be sorted by upload date.

Layout codeEdit

|image = VOCALOID art file name
|vocaloid = 
|vocaloidjapname = 
|month_year = Date of statistic grab
|videorelated_NND = 
|video_tag_originalsong_NND = 
|videorelated_YT = 
|videorelated_BB = 

==Notable original songs==
This section presents VOCALOIDNAME original songs with video views ranging from below one million to ####.

==Notable cover songs==
This section presents VOCALOIDNAME cover songs with video views ranging from below one million to ####.


Template:Notable songEdit

Main article: Template:Notable song

Within the page sections, entries are presented with a template built specifically for these pages. It is simply a matter of filling out the available parameters of the template. There are up to four specified parameters for video sites. These parameters only require the ID number of a video's URL, and these ID numbers are often located at the end of a URL. The 'etc' (extra) parameter can be used to link to other related content.

The template is designed to shift (float) to the left side, making it possible for another Notable song to be displayed to the right. When adding another section header, the template {{clr}} must be used to "Clear" the presence of the templates.

The overall layout will look like this:

Romaji/English Translated title
Featuring Some Vocaloid
Main article Vocaloid
More works by Yamaha Corporation

Song iconEdit

Each entry needs to have its own 100px x 100px icon. The image should be taken from the original PV (not a derivative PV), and it is recommended that it be a facial shot facing front. If the original broadcast uses the Vocaloid's default or boxart image with no noticeable editing, please use or make a default icon, such as this one. If there are edits making it unique, please use it instead; such as this one.

If the original broadcast doesn't feature the Vocaloid, please choose the image from the most viewed fanmade PV (choose wisely; better art quality and visuals accurately representing the song are favorable). If there are no fanmade PVs featuring the Vocaloid, please choose the image from Pixiv fanart with the related song's tag and the highest amount of bookmarks.

There will be cases, however, where these options are not available. In that case, please use your best judgment to pick a suitable icon image.

Recommendations for good iconsEdit

Although facial shots are highly recommended, be careful not to focus too far in. Also, although the image you would like to use, please keep the original proportions In other words, don't stretch a rectangle to fit a square; instead, crop out the sides. Slight adjustments may be made to the image for visibility, such as brightness/contrast, sharpness/blurring, or an unobtrusive drop shadow around the edges, but please be sure not to alter the contents of the original image.

Image quality is another concern. Please find a source without noticeable pixelation. If you are taking a screenshot of an upload on Niconico, be sure to take it when the site isn't displaying videos in low-quality mode. On YouTube, make sure the video quality is as far up as it can be. 720p is best, since 1080p can look overly sharp in the site's default viewer size.

When saving the icon, be sure to use the best quality options available. A good rule of thumb is to save icons in the PNG file format, which will preserve the image quality.


Site of originEdit

To be eligible for listing on the Song featuring "Vocaloid" listings, a song must meet the view count requirements on its official upload, whether it be on Niconico, YouTube, bilibili, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp. However, view counts on reprints, whether they be on YouTube or Niconico, are not recognized by the wiki and do not count toward a song's view count.

If a song has official uploads on multiple websites (for example, "FREELY TOMORROW"), please go by the upload with the highest number of views.

View countsEdit

Different Vocaloids have different degrees of usage and some receive more attention than others. Due to this, each listing page has a minimum and maximum view requirement that will contribute to what can be featured on the page as being notable. Remember that Song lists are 'free for all' pages where any one can contribute a song regardless of the views a video received.

The end-all maximum for a highly used Vocaloid and a popularly viewed song is 1,000,000 (one million) views. At that point, it should be moved into the page's million section.

The starter minimum for a Vocaloid that doesn't get much usage but has a song that received a respectable amount of voice is 1,000 (one thousand) views. This minimum benchmark is moved higher according to the popularity of the VOCALOID; for instance, the minimum for Songs featuring Hatsune Miku is 800,000 views. These minimums are stated on the individual featuring pages, and may be raised or lowered at the discretion of the wiki editing community.

Generally, the number of entries in a section should not exceed around 40 songs. If there are more than that, it's time to raise the benchmark.


  • Please do not list duets on a VOCALOID's solo page. However, if a song contains mainly the vocals of one VOCALOID with another as, say, background vocals, it should listed on the main singer's solo page, with the secondary vocalist in the |singer field of the template.
  • It is common, but not official policy, to put the name of the main producer of each song in bold.
  • For the sake of organization, please don't link to producer pages that do not exist.
  • Often, one producer will be responsible for multiple songs on the same page. Please only link the producer's name the first time it appears.
  • A remake of a song by its original author (e.g. Luka's cover of "PoPiPo" or the second version of "Repeat") is counted as an original for all practical purposes.
  • If a Vocaloid duets a song with a human (e.g. "Sad Machine" or "ray"), it should be listed on the Vocaloid's solo page with the human singer named in the |singer field.