Writing styleEdit

  • VOCALOID is a Japanese owned product, so the language should be provided whenever possible.
    • There is currently not standard on writing the articles in a British or American style. But edit warring will not be tolerated.
  • The characters of VOCALOID will adhere to Eastern format unless otherwise noted.
  • The voice providers of VOCALOID voicebanks will adhere to Western format unless otherwise noted.
  • The producers using VOCALOID will adhere to their alias unless otherwise noted.
  • Internet slang (netspeak) shall not be used when it comes to writing comprehensive articles.
  • Grammar, Punctuation, and proper Capitalization is to be expected.

WikiText styleEdit

  • Things like [[Vocaloid|Vocaloid]] and [[Vocaloid|VOCALOID]] are pointless, only [[VOCALOID]] should be used.
    • This also applies to links written to denote a plural: don't write the link as [[song|songs]]; instead use [[song]]s.
  • Don't bypass redirects using things like [[Voice provider#Saki FujitaSaki Fujita]] make use of the redirect properly with [[Saki Fujita]].
  • Do not use level 5 headings in articles, as they cannot be edited without editing the previous heading and can't be distinguished as a heading at all.
  • When using galleries, include hideaddbutton=true in the parameters of <gallery>: this prevents violations of the Image guidelines by the addition of bad images.

General standardsEdit

Point of View problems

Articles on VOCALOID should always be neutral. Sometimes there might be controversial topics or events that the source may be biased. If you see a biased article and you think that may be bias put the {{WIP}} tag at the top of the article. There should always be two points of available on the subject, meaning don't be a hypocrite.

And, at any point, feel free to update the contents of the page.