A translation project is a project that deals with the activity of translating. This is a public list of pending references that might of use to Vocaloid wiki articles. Not all translations requested will produce usable results for the wikias purposes, but if they do editors must add them on the page to avoid this situation.

More than one user can contribute to the same entry. In fact, a minor discussion of the translation is encouraged.
And also, after placing your translation or relevant comment, sign with 'four' tilde symbols ~~~~

How to contributeEdit

  • First set-up
  1. Link to the original source. If that source is offline, (i.e. a scan from a magazine) credit the source.
  2. The request of what is to be translated by doing the following:
    1. Adding the URL to the source of untranslated content. Please specify.
    2. Adding 'a snippet' of the untranslated text. This is referring to 'lengthy text'.
    3. If it is social medial related (Twitter,Instagram,Facebook .etc), the untranslated text can be copied and pasted as an entry.
  • Second set-up
  1. Requester commentary.
  2. Translator's translation or commentary.
  3. Requester comments about translation and if it will be of use.

Things to know Edit

  1. Translators may take time to answer, even if they do the translation right away, it may take hours to translate what is written.
  2. Translators volunteer their free time for translating, please respect this.
  3. The translations page is not just for Japanese; Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, can also be added here as well.
  4. This page is for only translations from their original language into English, this is not transferring from English into any other language.
  5. Older entries, once their purpose has been served, will be removed. However, irrelevancy speeds up this matter.

What to do and not to do Edit

  1. ' Do ' link to the original source whenever you leave a translation on the page.
  2. ' Do ' state if a translation will be of use as a reference. Editors will then know to remove it from the list cleaning reasons.
  3. ' Do ' place header monikers for each entry. Give these headers a notable difference in name, for the sake of navigation.
  4. ' Do Not ' add lengthy paragraphs, entire article or blog entries, or unspecified requests.
  5. ' Do Not ' add translations for personal interests, this is for the wikias purposes only.
  6. ' Do Not ' add requests for translations of songs, they will be removed.
  7. ' Do Not ' put machine translations here, they will be removed. They are inaccurate and not good enough for the wikis needs.

Section for WEBSITESEdit

This section is for translations and discussions about stand-alone websites and its pages.

vocaloidotaku.netEdit - text is here, I'm posting this for VO's sake since their relying on a machine translation I think again...

Section for TWITTEREdit

This section is for translations and discussions about Twitter tweets. Official site -

Tweet 6:15 AM - 27 Aug 2010Edit


• You can download a free mobile ringtone of Rin/Len append beta version here. Please note the packet communication fee is NOT free. •

Tweet 12:39 AM - 29 Aug 2010Edit

I'm going to give a group of links, this is not a priority translation and should be done at casual pace; One-Winged Hawk (talk)

Tweet 10:17 AM - 30 Aug 2010Edit

3年前のワンカップさんのメイコ作品から、新しい世界(交流)を垣間見ました。あれから随分と経ったのですね・・・。今年はメイコにも改めて取り組みますので宜しくお願いします。RT@onecupp 三周年おめでとうございます。でもわたし的にはまだみくちゃん三周年じゃないのですよね

• Your (Onecup-P's) Meiko works three years ago gave me a glimpse into a new world, i.e. creative chain. Three years is a long time. We are going to update Meiko this year. Please follow us.
RT@onecupp Happy three year anniversary. Yet it's not the third year of Miku for me. •

Tweet 6:59 AM - 31 Aug 2010Edit


• I've been pressed for time, but it's all over now. I'll tweet the progress about Meiko and Kaito with that of Rin/Len Append. Please follow me on Twitter. •

Tweet 2:00 AM - 4 Sep 2010Edit


• The dakuon phoneme of the Rin/Len Append (at the current stage) is improved from the test version. Good enough. On the other hand I have difficulty in adjusting the volume of each phoneme. Leaving the powerfulness of the original vocal as it is rather than fine-tuning each phoneme would create more Rin/Len-ish, is it right? I can't decide which is better. •

Tweet 11:00 AM - 7 Oct 2010Edit

【作業進捗】レンAct1データを再度検証し、調整後と比較してみるなど。一歩前進 /【雑記】表情が気になった人形を頂いたは良いが、プーリップというのだと思ったら「Little Dal」って書いてあってプーリップとは書いてない・・・箱の綺麗な空け方も判らない・・・うぅ

• 【Progress Status】 I reverified (older) Ren Act1 data for the comparison with the adjusted data. (This is) a step forward. 【Misc】 He/She gave me a pretty-looking doll (lit. "I was given a doll whose face expression I was interested in") and I thought it was a Pullip, but (I found) the description said "Little Dal", not Pullip... I didn't even know the way to open the box correctly... Ugh... •

Tweet 11:30 PM - 12 Oct 2010Edit

【作業進捗】今週は残るDB(リンsweet, レンmoodyなど)の基本歌唱力を向上させる作業を集中的に行っています。息質感はデリケートなので成分調整の難易度は高めで大変・・・。

• 【Progress】 This week I'm concentrating on improving the basic quality of the other voicebanks (Rin sweet, Len moody and others). Careful tuning is necessary for vocal with natural breath sound and setting each parameter is so difficult. It's a hard task. •

Tweet 12:05 PM - 12 Oct 2010Edit


• Some (staff) says (the Rin) just sounds like the tired/exhausted Rin doing her best. Yet I should say "moody" rather than "tired", for "tired" sounds only negative. The vocal is abstract itself so I should explain it with an abstract adjective not to hinder listeners' free imaginations. I have no idea how to express my feeling correctly. •

Tweet 11:47 AM - 14 Oct 2010Edit

【作業進捗】 リンAppend。まだ完全ではないものの、前回(R-side)より子音調整が施されたリンDBを次のデモで使用する予定です。VSQもDB用に調整見込み。sweetやseriousは、音の繋がりがもっさりした部分が残っているので、サンプル公開は少し先になりそうです

• 【Progress Status】 Rin Append hasn't been completed yet, but we've optimized the consonant phonemes of the Rin voicebank used in R-side and are planning to use the improved voicebank for the next demo songs. We are going to edit VSQ files for the improved voicebank. The sweet and serious appends still have vocal concatenation difficulties, so sweet and serious demos don't come soon. •

Tweet 10:21 AM - 29 Oct 2010Edit


• Sorry we're too lazy to upload Len append demo songs long time. The (append) voicebank development is going smoothly. We upload demos sometime soon. Thank you. •

Tweet 10:04 PM - 5 Nov 2010Edit

(^∇^)次の目標ですね! RT @akiame9姐さん兄さんルカ様Appendでさらに9kg可能ですね! (冗談はさておき、頑張って下さ〜いっ!)RT @vocaloid_cv_cfm リンレンの作業まじ佳境。でも3kg痩せれたのは嬉しいですっ!!

• You bet!
RT @akiame9 You can lose another 9kg weight if you make Meiko, Kaito and Luka append, too. (Just a joke. Keep up the good work.)
RT @vocaloid_cv_cfm I reached the most important stage of Rin/Len (append) development. I lost 3kg weight (by the hard work) but that makes me happy. •

Tweet 9:33 PM - 6 Dec 2010Edit

音域限定だと、中低音部が激しくクレヨンしんちゃんライクになるので、上手く誤解の無い方法を考えていきますね・・・RT @MiRON_P 音域限定でも、あれば使う側が工夫して使ったりできます。オマケ程度でもあると嬉しいです > ファルセット音源

• The low and middle range vocal sounds like mock Crayon Shin-chan if the available vocal range is narrow. I'll have to come up with a better way to avoid that.
RT @MiRON_P Falsetto vocal would be icing on the cake. Even if the vocal range is narrow, users will exert creativity using it. •

Forgotten what this related to, will need someone else to confirm where it belongs before it can be added to a page. One-Winged Hawk (talk) 09:41, January 17, 2013 (UTC)

Tweet 2:01 AM - 7 Dec 2010Edit

いえ、一回、ミクappendの7つ目のDBとして真剣に考えた事があるだけに、悩ましいのです。mixでの発声も含めて推移させる方法とか真面目に考えてみます。RT @MiRON_P ユーザーサイドの単なる希望ですから、難しいようでしたらあんまり深く考えないで下さいw

• Well, your suggestion was once a probable choice as Miku's seventh append voicebank so I can't still decide it. I'll try voice mixing and morphing and other methods.
RT @MiRON_P This is just a user's suggestion. Please don't take it seriously if it is hard. •

Tweet 2:11 AM - 7 Dec 2010Edit

確かにそうですよね。悩んでみますね。RT @MiRON_P ではふんわりと期待をw ブレスみたいな半素材扱いでもあるだけで個人的には嬉しいです RT →ミクappendの7つ目のDBとして真剣に考えた事があるだけに、悩ましいのです。mixでの発声も含めて推移させる方法とか...

• You're right. I'll think it over.
RT @MiRON_P So I can be optimistic about the append, right? lol It would be great if you just provide sound effects such as breathing sound. •

Tweet 6:59 PM - 30 Apr 2013Edit

• (If you ask me) whether Meiko in V1 and Meiko Power (Append) have the similar vocal, my answer is, no. I'm planning to make another V1-like voicebank. •

Section for FACEBOOKEdit

This section is for translations and discussions about Facebook entries. Official site -

Section for BLOGGING SITESEdit


This section is for translations and discussions about blogging websites and its entries.

  • This is kinda neded ASAP since some notes on Zero-G and Vocaloid1 are included here One-Winged Hawk (talk)