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There are many templates in use in Vocaloid Wiki; these are only a subset, representing some of the most important and commonly used ones. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it.

  • Category:Templates should cover all templates in the wiki, categorized into the various subcategories.
  • The Template namespace (found from Special:Allpages) always has all templates in the wiki, sorted alphanumerically.

What are templates? Edit

Wiki templates provide a means to insert the same content over and over in different (or the same) pages. This saves editors the hassle of duplicating the same text again and again, and also helps ensure consistency.

Templates are generally shown with the format required to use the template (e.g. {{stub}}). Clicking the template name takes you to the template's page, where you can see what it looks like and how it is used.

Detailed instructions on the usage of each template should exist on:

  1. a subpage using {{documentation}}; or
  2. the template page itself (inside "noinclude" tags); or
  3. the template's talk page.

For more information on templates, see Help:Templates.

For more information on Music related templates see

Main articles: Project:Music templates and :Category:Music templates

Article management templates Edit

Main article: :Category:Article management templates‎

Page management templates are used if you notice that something is out of order with a certain page or section and want to bring it to the attention of other editors or administrators. They display a box describing the issue and add the page to the appropriate maintenance category.

These templates should generally be placed at the very top of a page unless you only want to mark a section for "treatment"; then they should be at the top of that section. The exception to this is the {{Cite}} template which should only be placed at the ends of sentences.

TemplateWhat it doesHow to insert
Template:WIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Work in Progress. {{WIP}}
Template:CompanyWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Company Work in Progress. {{CompanyWIP}}
Template:EventWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Event Work in Progress. {{EventWIP}}
Template:LiteratureWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Literature Work in Progress. {{LiteratureWIP}}
Template:ProducerWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Producer Work in Progress. {{ProducerWIP}}
Template:MusicWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Music Work in Progress. {{MusicWIP}}
Template:MusicAlbumWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Music Album Work in Progress. {{MusicAlbumWIP}}
Template:MusicSeriesWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Music Series Work in Progress. {{MusicSeriesWIP}}
Template:SoftwareWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Software Work in Progress. {{SoftwareWIP}}
Template:GameWIP Marks an article as being a Work in Progress / needing cleanup and adds it to Category:Game Work in Progress. {{GameWIP}}

Template:Intervention Required Marks an article for s a long term work in progress, unlike the WIP, this one is likely not to be removed for quite a while. This adds the article to Category:Intervention Required. {{Intervention Required}}
Template:Delete Marks an article for deletion and adds it to Category:Candidates for deletion {{Delete}}
Template:Cite Marks individual places in an article that need citations or confirmation and adds the article to Category:Citations needed. {{Cite}}
Template:Stub Marks an article or section as needing more information and adds it to Category:Article stubs. {{Stub}}
Template:Outdated info A notice about the information being outdated, the page can be edited by contributors who have the current information. {{Outdated info}}
Template:Disambig Marks an article as a disambiguation page and adds it to Category:Disambiguations. {{Disambig}}
Template:Notify A simplified version of a notice box. Can be used by all users. {{Notify}}

Template:Controversial topics Articles that contain conversational information. {{Controversial topics}}
Template:Translation A noticing requesting to link to properly translated songs; it is not a policy but an admin may remove links that are deemed unnecessary. {{Translation}}
Template:Vocaloid WikiProject Used on articles that may or may not be of use to the wiki, Users are free to contributor by suggestions for a marked page or even editing it themselves. {{Vocaloid WikiProject}}

Title correction templatesEdit

Main article: :Category:Title correction templates

Templates to modify widespread wrong English titles and romaji, romaja or pinyin titles, and to inform the correct ones. These templates are placed in the Background section. To learn how to use them, see the main article.

TemplateWhat it doesHow to insert
Template:Mistranslated title Used for songs whose mistranslated titles are widespread in the Western fandom. {{Mistranslated title}}
Template:Mistransliterated romaji title Used for Japanese songs whose mistransliterated romaji titles are widespread in the Western fandom. {{Mistransliterated romaji title}}
Template:Mistransliterated romaja title Used for Korean songs whose mistransliterated romaja titles are widespread in the Western fandom. {{Mistransliterated romaja title}}
Template:Mistransliterated pinyin title Used for Chinese songs whose mistransliterated pinyin titles are widespread in the Western fandom. {{Mistransliterated pinyin title}}

Navigation and Navbox templatesEdit

Main article: :Category:Nav templates

Navboxes are used to ease navigation between a certain group of articles. They should be inserted in all articles of that group at the very bottom of an article, just above the category links.

TemplateWhat it doesHow to insert
Template:Disambig Provides a link to a disambiguation page that has a list of similarly named characters. {{Disambig}}
Template:For Provides a link to another article that has a similar title or subject as the one it is used on. {{for|<description>|<page name>}}
Template:Main Used in a section to provides a link to another article that contains full information. {{Main|<page name>}}

Template:Navbox This is a more advance version. Unlike the default Navbox this has multiple parameters called "Groups" and "Lists", it can also be customized by color. {{"Name of box" nav}}
Template:Nav Company directory Articles about official Vocaloid companies. This includes Subsidiaries and associated companies that are not strictly Vocaloid related but have partnership. {{Nav Company directory}}
Individual company templates Articles relating specifically to the mentioned company. The following are {{Nav 1stplace}} • {{Nav ahsoft}} • {{Nav yamahaco}} • {{Nav crypton}} • {{Nav exittunes}} • {{Nav internetco}} • {{Nav istyleproject}} • {{Nav dearstage}} • {{Nav powerfx}} • {{Nav sbsartech}} • {{Nav kioonrecords}} • {{Nav voctrolabs}} • {{Nav zerog}} {{Nav "co. name"}}
Template:Nav Voice provider Articles about a Voice provider. {{Nav Voice provider}}
Template:Nav Voicebank gen Articles about a Vocaloid mascot, this separates the current Vocaloids based on 'gender factor'. {{Nav Voicebank gen}}
Template:Nav Voicebanks Articles about the Vocaloid's software page. This is placed below the individual company templates. {{Nav Voicebanks}}
Directory templates Directory articles, a guide listing that directs readers to an article of their interest. The following are {{Nav Related products}} • {{Nav Merchandise directory}} • {{Nav Merchandise directory/Games}} • {{Nav Music directory}} • {{Nav Music directory/Songlist}} • {{Nav Software directory}} • {{Nav Tutorial directory}} • {{Nav Live Events}} {{Nav "name" directory}}
Record companies Articles about album releases under one label. The following are {{Nav dwango}} • {{Nav sonyms}} {{Nav "co. name"}}

Infobox templatesEdit

Main article: :Category:Infobox templates

Infobox templates present basic facts about about the subject of an article in a consistent format. They should be placed at the tops articles.

Each infobox has different parameters used to display information about the subject. Find the template you need from the list below and refer to the template's page to see what parameters are required.

TemplateWhere to use it
Template:Infobox Company Articles about companies, this is a vertical box that sits to the right of a page.
Template:Infobox software Articles about software, this is a vertical box that sits at the top of a page.
Template:Infobox Vocaloid Articles about Vocaloid (mascots) and their Voicebanks, this is a vertical box that sits at the top of a page.
These are templates to provide information about a Vocaloid's voicebank review. Read the page on Voicebank sections before making any attempts at adding information {{"Vocaloid"/software}}
Template:Infobox website Articles about subject related websites, this is a vertical box that sits at the top of a page.
Template:Infobox Mascot This is a used on the Fanmade or related concepts that are recognized by an official Vocaloid company. Notice : The Vocaloid does not host Fanmade Vocaloids, please see Fanloid Wiki for more information.
Template:Association Similar to the {{Circle}} infobox. This is for articles listing a group of characters or persons.
Template:Infobox This is the default infobox which can be used for User pages, the revealed parameters can be whatever is inputted.

Category templatesEdit

Main article: :Category:Category templates

These templates are placed on category pages to give basic information about how to place pages/files in that category.

TemplateWhere to use itHow to insert
Template:category This can be added to categories to add general categorising details. Use in cases where it may be useful to point out to users how to categorise, such as popular categories. {{category}}
Template:Imagecategory Categories that contain images. {{Imagecategory}}
Template:Templatecategory Categories that contain templates. {{Templatecategory}}

Citation templates Edit

These templates are used in articles and on media pages to provide information about the source of information or of images.

From WikisEdit

TemplateWhere to use itHow to insert
Template:Wikipedia At the bottoms of articles that contain a large amount of content from Wikipedia. {{Wikipedia}}
Template:WikiaLicense Can be place at the bottoms of articles that contain content from another Wikia wiki. It is primarily being used to source templates. {{WikiaLicense}}
Linking to other Wikia wikis Creates a wiki link to the Interwiki (other wikis) {{IW}}.
Odorite wiki {{OW}}, Utaite wiki {{UIW}}, UTAU wiki {{UW}}.
{{IW|<page name>}}

Image copyright tags Edit

For more information about image copyright tags see Help:copyright

Main articles: Project:Image guidelines and :Category:Images
TemplateWhere to use itHow to insert
Template:Imagehotlink This is used to hotlink an image uploaded on a real image hosting site such as TinyPic, ImageShack, or Photobucket. {{Imagehotlink}}
Template:Cc-by-sa-3.0 On the filepages of images licensed with a Creative Commons licenses. See Wikipedia:Creative Commons licenses for more information. {{Cc-by-sa-3.0}}
Template:Fairuse On the filepages of images that are copyrighted but used in a way that qualifies as "fairuse" under U.S. copyright law. In a similar case there is {{Other free}} {{Fairuse}}
Template:From Wikimedia On the filepage of an image originally uploaded on a Wikimedia website. {{From Wikimedia}}
Template:No license On the filepage of an image whose license is unknown. {{No license}}
Template:PD On the filepage of an image that is in the public domain. {{PD}}
Template:Permission On the filepage of an image that is used with the permission of the copyright holder. {{Permission}}
Template:Self On the filepage of an image that was uploaded by the person who created it. {{Self}}
Template:GFDL On the file page of an image licensed under the GFDL. {{GFDL}}

General formatting templatesEdit

Main article: :Category:General wiki templates and
Main article: :Category:Gallery templates‎
TemplateWhat it doesHow to insert
Clrl and Clrr
Ensures that content placed after the template will not be overlapped by it. {{Clr}}, {{Clrl}} or {{Clrr}}
Template:Col-2 Creates a column break, it is used with {{Col-begin}} and {{col-end}} respectively. The {{Col-2b}} does a similar effect with two columns. {{Col-2}}
Template:Tocright Creates a right-aligned table of contents in an article. {{Tocright}}
Template:Gallery Creates a simple gallery. {{Gallery|<file name1>|<file caption>}}
Individual Gallery templates These individual templates link to a Vocaloid's page, some have subjects such as boxart, promotional art, MMD etc. {{gallery/"Vocaloid name" subject}}
Template:Color Makes font change color. Also available is {{Font}} which has more options to manipulate font. {{Color|<color here>|<text here>}}
Template:Scroll box Creates a scroll box, good for lengthy page content. Another version is {{Basic scrollbox}}. {{Scroll box}}
Template:Cquote Provides a consistent format for all character quotations used in articles. {{cquote|<text of quote>|<person quoted>|<source of quote>|<##px>|<##px>}}
Individual external templates Commonly used on Song articles, these are to highlight types of external links. The following are: {{External/Article}}, {{External/Downloads}}, {{External/Lyrics}}, {{External/Official}}, {{External/Purchase}} {{External/<subject>}}

Other Edit

Use these little images to spruce up your discussion pages!

T is for template Edit


  • This template allows you to show example template code (with a link to the templates) without using the template itself. It is used extensively on this page.

Forgot to sign Edit


  • If a user forgot to sign a comment this will mark the comment with information (taken from the page history) about who wrote the comment and when.

Sandbox Edit


{{sandbox user}}

  • A template that should be used on a user's personal sandbox.

Welcome Edit

{{welcIP}} and {{welcome}}

  • A template to welcome new users with. Should be customized for the wiki.

Templates used on the mainpage Edit

Main article: :Category:Mainpage templates

These templates are used on the Main Page of the wiki to simplify the code on that page.


{{About Vocaloid wiki}} and {{VocaloidWiki Contribute}}

  • Introduction and contribution.


  • Features articles of interest, currently that is VOCALOID avatars. May change at a later date.

{{Vocal libraries mainpage}} → {{Vocaloid1 portal}}, {{Vocaloid3 portal}}, {{Vocaloid3 portal}}, {{Vocaloid4 portal}} and {{Upcoming Vocaloid portal}}

  • Provides a navigation to Vocaloid pages, similar to the Navbar.

{{Vocaloid software portal}}

  • Features preceding and succeeding VOCALOID software.

{{VocaloidWiki Browse}}

  • Within "Vocal libraries mainpage", directs users to a listing of article pages.


{{On this day}}

  • Informs visitors on what VOCALOID related happenings, happened on the current date.

{{VocaloidWiki DidYouKnow}}

  • Trivia that visitors and fans of VOCALOID may want to know.

{{VocaloidWiki Poll}}

  • The Poll featured on the main page that gathers community votes, they are later transferred to Board:Poll Archive.


{{Featured external links}} and {{Affiliations}}

{{VocaloidWiki CommunityActivity}}

  • Shows updates on what the wiki community is currently doing.

Templates for userpagesEdit

{{Main|:Category:User templates}}


  • Provides a image box that accepts three image host. TinyPic, Photobucket, and ImageShake. This is to previous the mass uploading of personal images.

{{Sandbox user}}

  • A personal sandbox header for User created sandboxes.

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