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Vocalorchestra Vol. 1 is the first Vocalorchestra album created by Planty-P. It is composed of orchestra renditions of VOCALOID songs. The orchestra is completely synthesized, similar to VOCALOID itself.

A preview of the album can be heard here.

Note; as of Jan 2014, the album is no longer able to be download and was removed following the controversies involving the producer.

Vocalosthera Vol. 1 Cover
Released 21st Aug 2011
Producer Planty-P
Price Free (Downloadable)
Illust. Planty-P
Label Individual/Independent
Track list
1. *ハロー、プラネット。
*Hello, Planet.
2. ローリンガール
Rolling Girl
3. The Beast
4. Sorry To You
5. Bringing The Rain
6. 下剋上(完)
Gekokujou/ Revolution (End)
7. from Y to Y
8. Old Radio
9. ダブルラリアット
Double Lariat
10. World Destroy Deception (Kagaribito)
11. Nameless Song (SpAce Mix)

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