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GYNOID Co., Ltd.Edit

Wenyi WangEdit

(王文儀; Wáng Wényí)
Wang wenyi
250px XinHua mascot
About: Little information is known about her, however, it is known she is a Taiwanese voice acting apprentice. She was the voice provider of the Chinese capable VOCALOID, Xin Hua.

It was noted that she was in high school when she voiced Xin Hua and her image could not be revealed at the time of the VOCALOID's release until January 2016.[1]

Trivia: Unknown

Links: Unknown


Gui Shen RenEdit

(龟仙人; Guī Xiān Rén)
Gui shen ren
250px ZhanyinLorra mascot
About: Also known as "Turtle Mother" (龟娘; Guī Niáng), she is the voice provider for the VOCALOID3, Zhanyin Lorra. A voice recording competition was held to find the voice provider for her and Gui Shen Ren was the winning participant out of 4 entries.

She was born on April 1st, attended Xi'an Conservatory of Music and is from the Shanghai Huangpu District. She is an online singer, a radio host, and is one of the most famous online voice actresses. She participates in game explanations and walkthroughs and was also the voice actress for several characters from popular online video games. Her notable works are "故国", and "喵汪之歌".
Little of her identity is disclosed thus far, including her real name.

Trivia: During the recording process for Lorra, Gui Shen Ren's nose was bleeding profusely for unknown reasons. Due to this, she had no choice but to record while this was happening.[2]

Links: Weibo

Baidu Encyclopedia (CHN)



(茶理理; Chálǐlǐ)
Cha li li
Stardust full
About: She is a well known utaite who is capable of speaking in Mandarin, Japanese, and English. She is the voice provider for the VOCALOID4, Stardust.

She was born on July 3rd and is from Changsha, China. Her real name is unknown. She has a sweet and refreshing voice as well as a wide vocal range.

  • She lived abroad in Italy, Japan, and America


Shanghai HENIANEdit

Shan XinEdit

(山新 / 王 宥霁; Wáng Yòujì)
Voice provider Shan Xin2
250px LuoTianyi mascot
About: She is a voice actress and the voice provider for the first Chinese capable VOCALOID3 Luo Tianyi.

She is known for her sweet, clear voice and skilled acting. She can speak both Chinese and Japanese. She has also done Japanese voice acting.

Trivia: Unknown

Links: Wikipedia (chn)
Weibo account

Seira LiuEdit

(劉セイラ / 劉婧犖; 刘婧荦; Liú Jìngluò)
Voice provider Liu Seira
250px Yanhe mascot
About: She is a voice actress and the voice provider of the second Chinese capable VOCALOID3, YANHE.

As an utaite, she uses the names kkryu and Panda-shi (パンダ氏). She is a member of Aoni Production, a Japanese talent agency. She was born in 1985 in Beijing, China. She first started voice acting in high school for doujin games.

  • She is known for voice acting in Chinese and Japanese.
  • She was originally supposed to voice Zhiyu Moke, a male Chinese VOCALOID.

Links: Wikipedia (ja)
Blog (zh)
Blog (ja)

QI InoryEdit

(梁蔓青 / 祈Inory; Liáng Mànqīng / Qí Inory)
Inory vocanese
250px YuezhengLing mascot
About: Roughly translated to "Princess Qi", she is the voice provider for the VOCALOID3, Yuezheng Ling. A voice recording competition was held to find the voice provider for her and QI Inory was the winning participant out of all 390 entries.

Her real name is Manqing Liang (梁蔓青; Liáng Mànqīng) and she was born on November 2nd in Guangdong, China. She now lives in Beijing and she studied at the Communication University of China.
She is an online singer who performed many covers and dubs. Since her debut in 2006, she has been very active in making covers and performing live with people in the same field. Her most notable works are "Most Unusual National Wind" (最炫东方风) and "Memoria". She also sang many different songs for China Animations and Games, such as "Glimmer" (for "Nano-Core").

  • She is capable of singing in Japanese as well as Mandarin and Cantonese, two Chinese dialects.
  • She is known for cosplaying.

Links: Baidu Encyclopedia (CHN)

5SING account

Jie ZhangEdit

(张杰; Zhāng Jié)
Zhang jie
Longya full
About: Also known as Ajie and ketsu, he is a well known singer and voice actor who is capable of speaking in Mandarin and Japanese. He is the voice provider for the VOCALOID4, Yuezheng Longya, and was chosen based on suggestions from Chinese VOCALOID fans.

He was born on November 27th, 1978 and resides in Beijing, China. His most famous dubbing works included "Detective Conan" and "Rainbow Sea".

  • He noted that he was frightened and shocked by the sudden tags on Weibo by numerous fans. He initially did not understand that he was being suggested as a potential voice provider for Longya.[3]

Links: Baidu Encyclopedia (CHN)
Wikipedia (CHN)

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