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PowerFX Systems AB.Edit


Sweet ANN
About: She is an Australian singer whose stage name is "Jody", she is the voice provider of VOCALOID2 Sweet ANN.[1]
  • Sweet ANN's codename is identified as "Jodie"
  • Speculations about the singers identity uses the spelling "Jodi".

Links: Unknown

Michael KingEdit

Michael King
Voice provider Michael King2
Ofclboxart pwrfx Big Al-old
About: He is an Elvis impersonator and was originally intended to be the voice provider for BIG AL.

When PowerFX felt the provided recordings weren't good enough they attempted to do another recording session with him, they found he was on tour and unable to return to do more recording. He was replaced with Frank S., however demos of his voice for beta Big-AL are still found on places such as Youtube.


Links: Elvis Michael King official website
On Tour with Elvis Youtube channel

Frank S.Edit

Frank S.
250px BigAl mascot
About: He was a former employee of PowerFX and the voice provider of VOCALOID2 BIG AL.
After Michael King was unable to help complete the original voice files for the voicebank. He is a native (US) English speaker who was born in Sydney, Australia.
Trivia: The identity of the voice provider was revealed during an interviewer about VOCALOID. However the Wikia is not allowed to provide further information.

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Voice provider YOHIO2
250px Yohioloid mascot
About: He is a Swedish born singer and the voice provider of VOCALOID3 YOHIOloid.

He was the guitarist of the Swedish rock group Seremedy. In 2012, he started a solo career in Japan with a hit song called SKY☆LiMiT He's known for being a part of the Visual Kei culture. He often sings in English, such as in Our Story.

Trivia: Unknown

Links: Wikipedia YOHIO
YOHIO twitter


Misha vp
Ruby hq
About: Known by her online username, Misha is the voice provider of the English capable VOCALOID4, Ruby. She was previously known for voicing the UTAU, Makune Hachi and is an active fan in the VOCALOID community.
  • Misha assisted Artemi with the design choices of Ruby.


Zero-G LimitedEdit

Miriam StockleyEdit

Miriam Stockley
Voice provider Miriam Stockley
250px Miriam box
About: She is a British professional singer and the voice provider for the VOCALOID MIRIAM.

For nine years since VOCALOID1 before the third engine, she was Zero-G's only revealed voice provider. She was born in 1962 in Johannesburg, South African Republic and cut her recording at the age of 11. Then she moved to Britain in her late teens and worked as a backing singer for famous singers including Tina Turner, Freddie Mercury and George Michael. In 1999 Miriam started her solo career and moved to the United States in 2001.
According to Miriam, the reason why she lent her voice to VOCALOID was that she accepted that "you cannot fight progress".
Stockley is also the lead singer of the band Adiemus.

Trivia: MIRIAM - Perfect day

Links: Wikipedia information
IMDB credits
Miriam Stockley official website
MySpace Miriam Stockley Music
Miriam Stockley twitter


250px Avanna mascot
About: She is an Irish singer, composer, musician and sound designer. She provided the voice for VOCALOID3 AVANNA.

When she's not working in her day job as a freelance sound designer and composer working primarily in the video game industry, she also performs with two Brighton-based bands.

Trivia: The identity of the voice provider was revealed on September 20, 2013 in an interview presented on the MikuStar website. However the Wikia is not allowed to provide further information.[2][3]

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Sam BlakesleeEdit

Sam Blakeslee
Kenji-b vp
Headset dex
About: He is an American musician and VOCALOID producer who is known as Nostraightanswer and Kenji-B. He provided the voice for VOCALOID4, DEX. He is also known for voicing the UTAU, Kenji Baionoto
  • He suggested 'The Fox and the Hound' for DEX and DAINA.
  • He produced a few original demo songs for DEX and DAINA.



Akiglancy vp
Headset daina
About: She is an American musician, VOCALOID producer, and illustrator who is also known as EmpathP. She provided the voice for VOCALOID4, DAINA. She is also the illustrator for the VOCALOID3, AVANNA and the voice provider for the UTAU. Namida.
  • She produced a few original demo songs for DEX and DAINA.


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