Void Orchestra makes electronic music (House, Dubstep, Electro) and symphonic orchestra. He uses Vocaloid voices, sometimes combined with choirs, or his own voice. In his recent track "Hard as Diamond" he sings the male voice, and the female voice, is a combination of 7 different VOCALOID voices. (listen to sample).
STATUS:2008 → Active
Void Orchestra
GENRE:House, Dubstep, Symphonic Orchestra
LABELS:Maha Music
URL(s)Official Website

YouTube Channel

WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Panda in the Sky" (English, layered) (Feb.14.2014) (dl)
  2. "Snoring Interlude" (English, layered) (Feb.14.2014) (dl)
  3. "Cause I'm a Ninja" (English, layered) (Feb.14.2014) (sample)
  4. "Hairy Panda" (English, woman voice only, layered) (Aug.06.2013) (sample)
  5. "Hard as Diamond" (English, woman voice only, layered) (July.19.2013) (sample)
  6. "A Woman" (English, Layered) (July.19.2013) (sample)
  7. "Naturealize" (English, woman only, layered) (Feb.04.2013) (sample)
  8. "Earth - Prithivi" (Sanskrit, with choirs, layered) (Feb.04.2013) (sample)
  9. "Spirit- Akasha" (Sanskrit, layered) (Feb.04.2013) (sample)
  10. "Water - Apsa" (Sanskrit, layered)(Feb.04.2013) (sample)
  11. "Forgiveness" (English, man+women, layered) (Feb.04.2013) (download)
  12. "Custodiet te" (Latin, layered with choirs) (Nov.11.2011) (download)
  13. "Philosopher's Stone" (Latin, Tonio, layered, with choirs) (Sept.29.2011) (dl)
  14. "Gayatri Mantra" (Sanskrit, Prima, layered, with choirs) (Aug.29.2011) (dl)
  15. "MahaVajra interlude" (Sanskrit, Tonio, with choirs) (Aug.29.2011) (dl)
  16. "Maha MrityunJaya Mantra" (Sanskrit, Tonio, layered, with choirs) (Aug.15.2011) (dl)
  17. "Kali Mantra Dubstep" (Sanskrit, layered, with choirs) (July.15.2011) (dl)
  18. "Rush of Wind" (Layered) (Feb.04.2013) (download)
  19. "Divine World" (Layered, with choirs) (August.2009) (download)
  20. "Compassitron" (Layered) (August.2009) (download)
  21. "Beats'n'Peaces" (Layered Lola and Miriam) (August.2009) (download)

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