For the song by sasakure.UK, see ワンダーラスト (Wanderlast).
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  • "Wanderlust"
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"Wanderlust" is an original English VOCALOID song featuring Hatsune Miku. A girl who wants to escape her boring old town, with the hope that she might be able to explore the world and find her "wanderlust", or indulge in her adventurous tendencies.

Lyrics Edit

In a small quiet town
Nothings here interests me
I’m getting so bored
Of the same old, same old

I need the adventure
Can’t waste no more time
I need to act now
Before it eats me alive

I’m so miserable
What am I doing here?
Why are we here?
I can’t stand it here!
You said we would go
You said we would leave
Yet, I’m standing here
Waiting on you now
I want to go places
I want to see the world
My wanderlust can’t take no more
I patiently stay
I patiently wait
But it’s killing me
I need to act now!

If I go down the rabbit hole
No one will see me again
Although traveling is my goal
I will not stay here, I will refrain!
I will leave without a trace behind
And say good bye to those I trust
I can finally free my mind
And go forward with my wanderlust!


I am free at last
My adventure begins
Yes, it begins here
Yes, it begins now
I can wonder free
No one tying me down
I’m now free at last
Not looking back to the past

I’m running so far
I’m excited for
My future now
It all changes here!
For I will miss it here
That won’t stop me
I’m going to start a new chapter

Running straight ahead
Dodging all the bullets
Life has lead me here
Now to go my own way
Time is now by my side
Never looking behind
I’m where I want to be
Free at last!

If I never come back again
I will not regret a thing
Though this place is filled with memories
I’ll think about them as I spread my wings
I will go forward by myself
And keep going for I must adjust
I can’t believe I’m finally free
Free to go forward with my wanderlust!


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