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  • "We Will Meet Again"
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  • SVUtau (music, lyrics)


We Will Meet Again is an original song composed by SVUtau with AVANNA.


A long time ago
You said to me
Just let me go
Over... You said oh it's over.

I loved you
I loved you
Please don't leave me...

You left me. I'm all alone
You said I'm worthless now

I wish it wasn't so...
but for now, I guess it's true
(I loved you baby)

Even if I cry
I won't give up searching for you
My sweet prince, we will meet again

I don't care anymore
I said to you...
Although I knew
I'm lying, I'm lying to myself now

I loved you
I cried as I feel so far
I whispered to myself that
We will meet again

But I wish it was the truth
But for now I'll just fall down
Now I'm alone and I still think
You loved me

What a fool I am... oh...

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