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Ofclboxart zrog Miriam
Song title
Uploaded September 14, 2004
Alexei Ustinov (music, arrangement)
Alex Yakovlev (lyrics)
Jasmine Music Technology

JMT Broadcast


West is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Jasmine Music Technology.

It is the first half to the full song, "West and East". See the "East" demo, as performed by VOCALOID LEON.

Succeeding versionsEdit

West and East (full version)
Featuring Unknown and LEON
Author(s) Alexei Ustinov, Alex Yakovlev
Category Original song


This medieval style -
Forests and green glens,
Towers of stone.

Living poetry
And amazing tales.
Dragons and kings, magic swords.

Tales for young and old.
Could you tell what is real,
What is not?

You would want to try
This majestic life
But it is like catching the wind.

And you seek new home
In the ancient woods,
Under deep blue lakes,
On top of high hills.

When you reach the end
Finding your true self
You'll forget you went
On this search to find
Way to your own paradise

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